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For Minor Gestalts, see Enlightened Crown.

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They are the projections of something stronger.


The Gestalt is a Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in Return of Them. They are found on the Lunar Island, Lunar Grotto, and are summoned by the Celestial Champion during its first and third stages. They are also found wandering in Moonstorms.

They appear when the player has more than 25% Enlightenment. Above 50% Enlightenment, they no longer try to avoid the player and will attack if the player is in range. Above 80% Enlightenment, they will follow and attack the player if they are within less than 1.5 tiles.

When approached, they will ball up and shoot in the player's direction. This can be avoided by moving out of the way. Their attacks deal no damage, and will instead increase Enlightenment by 10 and slow down the player for a few seconds. If the player is hit by too many Gestalt in a row, they will fall asleep for 6 seconds. Gestalts will run away from Dark Swords and Night Armor lying on the ground, as well as from active Night Lights. Gestalts will not attack players who are wearing the Enlightened Crown.

During the Celestial Champion boss fight, the first and third phase of the fight will summon a ring of Gestalts to attack the player.

Greater Gestalt

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They grow up so fast!


The Greater Gestalt are mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They appear in the Lunar Grotto after the Archive Switch within the Ancient Archive has been activated, and are summoned to aid the Celestial Champion during its second and third stage.

They will attack Shadow Creatures that invade into the Lunar Grotto and also attack the player if they have a Dark Sword, Night Armor, or a fueled Alarming Clock equipped. If a player has one of these items equipped, but is also wearing an Enlightened Crown, the Greater Gestalt will continue to ignore them. Their attacks deal 180 damage per hit, capable of one hit killing most characters without armor. Shadow Creatures killed by Greater Gestalt drop no Nightmare Fuel.

They also attack both variants of the Reanimated Skeleton, Ancient Fuelweaver, Woven Shadows, Maxwell's Shadow Puppets, and Shadow Splumonkeys. They don't attack the Shadow Pieces though. Lit Night Lights will also be extinguished.

The Celestial Champion will launch waves of Greater Gestalts as projectile to attack players during phase 2 and 3, dealing 135 damage in phase 2 and 180 damage in phase 3. The Enlightened Crown will spawn small Greater Gestalts when the players attack a target and the player's enlightenment is above 85%.


  • Gestalts were introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • The Greater Gestalt was introduced in the Forgotten Knowledge update.
  • Gestalt is a German and Swedish word for "figure" or "form". It's also a psychological term used to describe perceiving order in a chaotic world, usually by grouping objects together or connecting them.
  • Wigfrid, Wortox, Wolfgang, WX-78 (with the Super-Hardy Circuit plugged in), and Wurt with the King of the Merms active are the only characters who can survive an unarmored hit from a Greater Gestalt.

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