Fused Shadeling

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Shadow Rift.png Shadow Rift

Waxwell Portrait.png
They grow up so fast.


Fused Shadelings are hostile creatures exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. They are spawned by active Shadow Rifts.

Killing Fused Shadelings at a stage 3 Shadow Rift is the most time-efficient way of farming Pure Horror.

Brain.png Behavior

Fused Shadelings spawn from Shadow Rifts. At the first stage of the rift, there can be a maximum of 1; at the second stage, up to 3; and at the third, up to 5.

They attack anything that gets close to the Rift, and stop attacking if the target moves far away from the rift.

They have 1250 Health, a bite attack that deals 40 physical damage and 10 Planar Damage, and Planar Entity Protection.

Fused Shadelings can also jump on the player from far away. This jump does not deal any damage. Additionally, after a player hits a Fused Shadeling, it may disappear and reappear nearby, much like Shadow Creatures do. Whenever it disappears, it leaves behind its tail as a bomb, which explodes, dealing damage.

Upon death, a Fused Shadeling drops 2 Pure Horror, and has a chance to drop up to 2 additional Pure Horror with a 75% and 50% chance. In addition, after a Fused Shadeling dies, its tail drops to the ground and becomes a Dread Mite, which chases the player at a quick pace (players need at least a Walking Cane to outrun it, or run far away before the tail becomes a dread mite). It eventually explodes, summoning three more bombs. They respawn again after a certain amount of time, which depends on the stage of growth of the Rift:

  • 4 minutes in the first stage;
  • 2 minutes in the second stage;
  • 1 minute in the third stage.

As mentioned above, Fused Shadelings have Planar Entity Protection, thus physical damage is less effective against them. For example, a Dark Sword deals 41 damage instead of 68, and a Shadow Reaper deals 26.8 physical damage and 18 planar damage instead of 38 and 18 respectively.

Dread Mite

Waxwell Portrait.png
That is one persistent tail.

Maxwell, when examining Shadowcraft Plinth.

The Dread Mite is a creature that appears after the death of the Fused Shadeling. It chases its target for 4 seconds before exploding, dealing 50 physical damage and 20 planar damage. The explosion does not damage shadow creatures. In addition, upon exploding, it leaves three more bombs which immediately explode, dealing the same amount of damage.