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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Willow Portrait.png
My childhood buddy - Bernie!

Willow, Examining Inactive Bernie

Willow Portrait.png
Help me, Bernie!

Willow, Examining Active Bernie

Willow Portrait.png

Willow, Examining BERNIE!

A powerful friend when Willow's mind approaches insanity.

-Scrapbook Description

Bernie is an item/mob in Don't Starve Together, which can only be crafted by Willow. Bernie can be equipped to the hand slot to exclusively provide Willow 60 freezing insulation and 2 Sanity per minute. While equipped, Bernie will last 15 days.

When Willow is below 15% sanity, a Bernie within 8m will become BERNIE!, BERNIE! has 2,000 Health and deals 50 damage per hit. BERNIE! can taunt non-boss enemies within 16m to draw aggro, and is capable of damaging Shadow Creatures. Shadow Creatures killed by BERNIE! will only drop one Nightmare Fuel each. Only one BERNIE! will become active for each insane Willow player. BERNIE! cannot be placed in the player's inventory. If Willow is above 15% sanity, and BERNIE! is not attacked for 16 seconds or BERNIE! does not attack for 16 seconds, BERNIE! will revert to Bernie.

If there is already a BERNIE! accounted for each Willow, remaining Bernies within 16m will become active but not grow in size. This smaller form can walk around and taunt Shadow Creatures within 16m, causing shadow creatures to target Bernie. This Bernie has 1,000 Health. When Bernie's health drops to 0%, he will stop attracting Shadow Creatures. His appearance and icon change to reflect that he is "dead", and examining him will provide a different quote. BERNIE! will also become this form when he loses all Health. Using a Sewing Kit on Bernie will restore him to 100% durability. Bernie is also deactivated when there are no longer any insane players within 30m.

If Bernie is left dead on the ground for a total of 3 days, he will disintegrate, dropping Beard Hair, Beefalo Wool, and Silk. Picking him up does not reset the decay.

Willow Portrait.png
I need to fix Bernie up.

Willow, Examining Dead Bernie

Since the Lunar Island turns Sanity into Enlightenment, Bernie will not become active or turn into BERNIE!. If he was active before entering the Lunar Island, he will immediately deactivate.

Forging Hammer.png The Forge

Webber Portrait.png
Oh! Willow brought Bernie!

Webber, in their unimplemented quote for Bernie in The Forge.

In The Forge event, Bernie plays the same role as he does in the main game, drawing aggro from mobs while not returning fire. When Bernie loses all his health, all monsters will stop attacking and wander to the nearest player. Willow is able to revive Bernie in three seconds for him to start drawing aggro again.

In the second season of The Forge, when Willow wore the Whispering Grand Armor, Bernie would grow larger and get increased speed and hp. His revive time was also reduced.

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  • Bernie first appeared in Willow's Don't Starve character portrait as an unnamed prop. He was officially introduced as an exclusive item for Willow in Don't Starve Together.
    • Developers revealed during the preview stream for A Little Rain Must Fall that Bernie was originally intended to make Willow look "cute and innocent".[1]
  • Bernie's name is a pun of the word "burn."
  • Bernie's crafting description may be a reference to the song "Mad World" by Tears for Fears, in particular the lyrics "all around me are familiar faces".
  • Characters have alternate examination quotes for Bernie in the Forge, but the regular quotes were triggered instead, leaving the Forge quote unimplemented.
  • According to developers in Rhymes With Play #228, a scrapped idea for Winona revolved around her providing upgrades to the other survivors. One concept of this idea presented in the stream was a mechanized Bernie with defensive capabilities.
  • Bernie was updated alongside Willow on May 7th, 2019 in Willow's character refresh.[2][3] Before this update, he did not have a BERNIE! form.
  • BERNIE!'s voice is that of a person giggling along with the sound of an animal growling.
  • If Bernie is dropped in the water, he sinks.
  • Bernie has an alternative skin named "Ashley" which is a pun for the word "ashes"
  • Willow and Bernie is likely a reference to Annie and Tibbers from League of Legends.
    • Annie and Willow are both associated with fire. Annie is a pyromantic mage and Willow loves fire.
    • Annie and Willow both have stuffed bears that can help in battle.
    • Both will yell "GET 'EM, [name].

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BERNIE!'s voice.
BERNIE! attacking.
BERNIE! attacking continued.
BERNIE! hurt.
BERNIE! dying.
BERNIE! dying continued.
BERNIE! running.
BERNIE! taunting.