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Nothing can truly shield you from the horrors of this cruel world.


The Shield of Terror is a Weapon and wearable hand slot Armor exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the An Eye for An Eye update. It is dropped from Twins of Terror upon their death.

It has a durability of 315 and absorbs 80% of all physical damage. It will lose 2 durability each time when used on attack. Its durability can be repaired by feeding it any food item, the amount of repaired is equal to the:

(|food's health| * 4) + (|food's Hunger| * 1.75)

For example, a piece of Meat can repair it by ~47.8 durability (~15 percent), while a piece of Monster Meat can repair it by ~112.8 durability (35.8 percent). This is because the absolute values of the food and hunger are taken as opposed to their regular values.

Although it can be repaired, it will break when its durability reaches zero.

This gear can also be used to buff Maxwell's Shadow Duelists' damage output, as it is a tier 2 equipment.

Prototype.png Tips

  • If a player gives the Shield of Terror any glow-related food it will glow without the need to wear a light-related item. This can be used to avoid the sanity cost of eating a Glow Berry.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Shield of Terror was introduced in the An Eye for an Eye update, as a crossover collaboration with Re-Logic's Terraria.
  • The Shield of Terror is a reference to the Shield of Cthulhu item from Terraria.
    • The Shield of Cthulhu, however, drops as an Expert Mode/Master Mode item from the Eye of Cthulhu, not The Twins.
    • The Shield of Cthulhu in Terraria does increase defense. Additionally, it grants the ability to dash a short distance.
  • When fed while the item is placed on the ground it plays a little animation.
  • If given any glow related foodstuff, it will glow without the need to wear a light related item, which makes it viable for caving or fighting in the night. It's also viable when playing as Wigfrid, as she's unable to consume glow foods.
  • Feeding the Shield of Terror with Warly's spices and jelly will not give it buffs.
  • See Also: Shield of Cthulhu in Terraria Wiki

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