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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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I shall defend my allies with spear and shield!


Can be used to block attacks. Successfully blocking an attack decreases the block cooldown.
It can only be equipped by Wigfrids who have the "Battle Rönd" skill.

-Scrapbook Description

The Battle Rönd is a character-specific craftable Weapon and wearable hand slot Armor exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It can only be crafted and equipped by Wigfrid after unlocking the Battle Rönd (Skill).png Battle Rönd Skill and requires 4 Gold Nuggets and 3 Beefalo Wool to craft.

It has a durability of 420 HP and absorbs 85% of all physical Damage. Despite it appearing as a shield, it is equipped like a usual weapon in the hand slot. Additionally, although it uses the default unarmed attack animation, it is "swung" as fast as a Spear. When used as a weapon, it loses 3 HP of durability each attack, dealing 63.8 damage to its target (its base damage is 51, Wigfrid has an innate +25% damage modifier), which is the same as Wigfrid using a Tentacle Spike.

The Rönd has a special ability to parry, which is performed with a right click by default. When right clicking, the prompt to block comes up while generating a cone-shaped directional guide, indicating where it must be aimed. Successfully blocking attacks from the direction it comes from will absorb 100% of incoming physical and Planar Damage, while losing no durability; facing the wrong direction will result in damage and durability loss as usual. The blocking lasts 1 second, or 2.5 seconds if the Battle Rönd Enhancement I.png Battle Rönd Enhancement I Skill is unlocked.

This ability has a cooldown. Whenever the Rönd is equipped, its cooldown to be used the first time is 2 seconds.

After use, the ability has one of two cooldowns: after successfully parrying an attack, the cooldown is 3 seconds. If no attack was parried, either by being hit from the unprotected direction or the parry timer running out, the cooldown is 10 seconds. If the Battle Rönd Enhancement II.png Battle Rönd Enhancement II Skill is unlocked, the next attack Wigfrid makes after parrying deals +15 to +30 physical damage, depending on the damage blocked. For maximum damage, the shield must have blocked 60 or more damage. This damage is affected by Wigfrid's +25% damage modifier.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Battle Rönd was introduced in the Skill Spotlight: Wigfrid & Willow update.
  • On beta release prior to update 585956, the Battle Rönd's cooldown on equip was 2.5 seconds, it lost 4 HP of durability for each attack as a weapon, and its cooldown after a successful parry was 4 seconds, and Battle Rönd Enhancement II made the shield deal simply 10 additional damage after a parry.