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Tall, dark and dapper.


The Magician's Top Hat is a clothing item unique to Maxwell added in Don't Starve Together. It is crafted from a regular Top Hat and two units of Nightmare Fuel in a unique Maxwell Filter. It provides access to the shadow dimension shared by Shadow Chester and the Magician's Chest, but only for Maxwell; for other Characters, the headdress is no different from a regular top hat. With default controls, Maxwell players can access the shadow dimension either by right-clicking the hat while equipped, or by holding Alt and right-clicking the hat while unequipped.

The shadow dimension stores up to 12 stacks of items, and items in it spoil at 1.5 times the regular spoilage rate. One shadow dimension exists per shard; thus, surface and Caves worlds will have different shadow dimensions, and the shadow dimension cannot be used to transport items across shards. The loss of any container linked to the shadow dimension does not affect the items stored there, even if there are no such containers left in the world. In this case, the items can be accessed as normal as soon as a new shadow dimension container is created.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • In the beta test of Maxwell's rework, when using Codex Umbra, in addition to 4 items that were included in the final version of the update, it was possible to select a spell that allows you to turn the Top Hat in your inventory into a Magician's Top Hat

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