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This thorny husk deals its damage when attacked.

-Scrapbook Description

The Bramble Husk is a character-specific Armor Item craftable only by Wormwood. It requiring 2 Living Logs and 4 Bone Shards to craft.

It has 450 durability and absorbs 80% of physical damage. Whenever a Character wearing the Bramble Husk is attacked by a Mob, 22.6 average damage (23, 23, 22 respectively three hits) is dealt to each Mob within a radius of one tile. This effect is not triggered by things such as ingesting a Venom Gland or taking damage from HeatCold or Hunger.

It also has the added bonus of preventing damage from Spiky BushesBrambles, Bramble Blooms, and Bramble Traps. This means that one can harmlessly harvest Spiky Bushes, damage Brambles and Bramble Blooms without any worry, or stand next to a Bramble Trap when it is triggered and not take any splash damage. Durability of the armor is not decreased when this effect occurs. In the Reign of Giants DLC, the player won't take any damage from harvesting Cactus while wearing the Bramble Husk.

In Don't Starve Together, the player won't take any damage from picking Roses while wearing Bramble Husk. It is flammable and can be used as Fuel. Damage multipliers have no effect on damage dealt (Wigfrid's x1.25 damage multiplier, Warly's spicy foods +20% damage bonus, etc.).

As of the WX-78 Character Update, Bramble Husk has it's durability increased to 525 and now absorbs 80% physical damage, the same amount as a Log Suit. It's recipe was also tweaked, using 4 Stingers instead of the 4 Bone Shards.

This effect will not deal damage to followers. Be careful, though, as it could damage Beefalo in the case that it has no saddle. It will be considered a mob and take damage, which will set all domestication progress to 0.

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​​Prototype.png Tips

  • This item is extremely efficient in farming tentacle spikes in the caves by killing tentacle pillars. Its AoE damage kills the tiny tentacles instantly. One husk alone is enough to farm 10 spikes without using helmets, and with minimal lost health, although one should not forget to travel through the tentacle holes, as there is an equal amount of loot on the other side of the hole.
  • This item is renewable as the crafting materials are renewable. Bone shards can be acquired by hammering rotten wobsters. Wobsters can be acquired by fishing using a sea fishing rod with no float and no lure, although adding rot as lure will increase the fishing efficiency by a large amount. This process only results in net gain despite the initial crafting cost of sea fishing rod.
  • This item is very useful in tandem with the Bramble Trap, since using it will let the player avoid their splash damage altogether.
  • Although it shares many similarities with the Cactus Armor included in the Shipwrecked DLC, the Bramble Husk will not prevent an Elephant Cactus from damaging the player.
  • Monsters that tend to swarm together, such as Spiders, Baby Tentacles, Frogs, and Bees can find themselves in a great struggle as the AoE attacks plow through the creatures similar to Abigail.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • This is the only armor that has more durability in Don't Starve Together than in Don't Starve.
  • This is also a great set of armor for quick sanity food as picking cactus will not hurt the player while worn.

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