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Thanks for keeping me safe, light!


The Lamp Post is a craftable and naturally occuring Structure in the Hamlet DLC. It can be found decorating the Streets in Pig Cities. At Night, the Lamp Post provides light without consuming any Fuel. Like other Pig City structures, Lamp Posts will be rebuilt by Worker Pigs.

In order to craft Lamp Posts themselves, the player must first obtain the Key to the City to access the City Planning Tab. There, Lamp Posts can be crafted using one Alloy, a Electrical Doodad, and a Lantern.

The Lamp Post prevents attacks from Charlie, providing light in about a two Pitchfork tile radius. The light turns on in the evening and lasts through the night.

Prototype.png Tips


  • They will only be lit during dusk and nighttime even if placed in complete darkness, therefore building them inside the caves in RoG is not advisable.