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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Gorge icon.png The Gorge

Winona Portrait.png
My lockpicking skills are a bit rusty.

Winona, Locked Safe

Waxwell Portrait.png
Now for some expert-level rummaging.

Maxwell, Unlocked Safe

The Safe is a structure added in The Gorge event. Almost identical to the chest: it has 9 slots for items, characters can transfer things from the safe to the inventory only next to it, etc. The main difference is that there are locked safes (and most of them), which must first be opened with a Key.

Initially, there are four safes on the map, 1 unlocked and 3 locked. The unlocked one is located near the starting area, for more convenient storage of ingredients and livestock. Locked safes are located in the area of ​​the destroyed city, near the salt ponds. Such safes contain silver dishes (which is characteristically indicated by a plate with a Sapphire Medallion) and roomy kitchen utensils, which prompts the opening of the safes. Initially it may appear that there are only two locked safes marked with a sign, but players may notice another one behind a broken van on the way to the Mealing Stone.

The contents of locked safes change every match, but there is always one of three sets in the safe (they are not repeated per match).

Safes are one of the key points of the game, with their help you can get a lot of useful things.

Item sets in safes

First safe: Silver Plate.pngx3 Large Casserole Dish.png Silver Bowl.png

Second safe: Silver Plate.png Large Cookpot.png Silver Bowl.pngx2

Third safe: Silver Plate.png Silver Bowl.png Syrup Pot.png Tree Tapping Kit.pngx3

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