Sugarwood Tree

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Gorge icon.png The Gorge

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A sickly sweet aroma wafts from its branches.


Sugarwood Trees are Plants exclusive to The Gorge event in Don't Starve Together. They can only be found alongside Spotty Shrubs in the Sugarwood Memorial Park area that can only be accessed after buying an Iron Key from Sammy.

Tapping them with Tree Tapping Kits allows the players to obtain Sap which is required to cook Syrup. Each tapped Tree grants one Sap which can be gathered either by harvesting the Tapping Kit or removing it completely from the Tree with an Axe. If too much time passes before the Sap is harvested from a tapped Tree, it will become bug infested and only produce Ruined Sap which cannot be used for cooking.

Sugarwood Trees can also be chopped with an Axe to acquire Logs and Twigs, the amount obtained depending on the size of the Tree. Digging up the remaining stump with a Shovel grants an additional Log.

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  • The Extra Sappy Accomplishment is given for gathering Sap from tapped Sugarwood Trees 9 times or more in a single The Gorge match.
  • The appearance of this this tree and the way of harvesting their sap to cook into Syrup is based on Maple trees, which themselves are tapped to harvest and cook maple syrup.

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