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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Gnat Mound is a naturally spawning object introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It is found in the Painted biome, and spawns a Gnat Swarm.

It takes 6 hits with a Pickaxe or Opulent Pickaxe to be completely destroyed. Each 2 hits, some Rocks, Iron Ore, or more rarely, Flint will be yielded, and the Gnat Mound will visibly go down a tier, similar to Mini Glaciers.

Gnat Mounds are able to spawn Gnat Swarms every 120 seconds, and are also created by them. When a Gnat Mound is completely destroyed, the Gnat Swarm that was originated from will rebuild another Mound, if and only if this Gnat Swarm hasn't been recently killed. A new Mound will be made at the lowest tier, and then "repaired" by the Gnats Swarm over time. Gnat Swarms will also repair their mound if damaged, but not completely destroyed. Gnat Mounds try not to spawn Gnat Swarms when raining.

Despite being made of Rock, the Gnat Mound is flammable, and will drop Ash when burned down or mined while burning.

The Gnat Mound is considered a structure and will be targeted by the BFB if it lands near one.


  • As Gnat Swarms are able to rebuild a destroyed Gnat Mound, a good strategy is to carry a Gnat Swarm in Swinesbury City after destroying their Mound, and wait for them to rebuild another. This way, Rocks and Iron Ore will be easy to get, and renewable.
  • It's possible to carry Gnat Swarm to connected worlds in order to create new Gnat Mounds, making Iron Ore renewable outside of Hamlet worlds.