Teetering Junk Pile

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I'm not eager to be crushed by a teetering pile of scrap metal.


Junk Pile - is a structure that appear in Junk Yard.

If Nightmare Werepig was defeated and you rummage through it, the head of Scrappy Werepig will emerge from the trash. You need to dig 3 times to free Scrappy Werepig. After this, a neutral Scrappy Werepig will appear nearby, and a bunch of garbage will also fly out, which, when landing, can cause damage and sometimes spawn Junk Pile.

If you didn't defeated the Nightmare Werepig or you already defeated Scrappy Werepig, you rummage some items from it every 2 minutes.

Drop Chance Items
25.00% Scrap.png
12.5% Log.pngRocks.png
6.25% Electrical Doodad.pngFrazzled Wires.png
3.125% Blueprint.pngGears.pngBoards.pngPotato.png

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