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What lies beneath?


Magma Piles are naturally-spawning Structures in the Magma Field and Volcano Biomes in the Shipwrecked DLC. They are piles of igneous rocks which may be dug using a Shovel, using 4% of the Shovel's durability per dig. They must be dug 6 times to be removed, and 2-3 items will drop every 2 shovel digs. The gold-flecked Magma Pile has a chance to drop Gold Nuggets, while the regular one can drop Nitre. Both types also drop Rocks, Flint, and very rarely, red or blue Gems. Sometimes a Krissure, a sort of flaming geyser, will erupt after digging up a pile. This chance is higher while in the Volcano than in the Magma Field. Upon a Krissure's eruption, the final dropped items will be scattered about half a screen away. Magma Piles in Volcano Biome are renewable, after they are dug, they would regrow to full in a year at the same location, if a Krissure did not erupt after being dug.

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