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What hörrörs dwell within?


The Splumonkey Pod is an object found in Ruins, most commonly in the Village Biome. It appears as a large wooden monkey head idol with Cave Banana "hair" and a gaping mouth. Splumonkeys spawn from the Splumonkey Pod, much like Slurtle Mounds will spawn Slurtles and Snurtles, with a maximum of four Splumonkeys out at a time. Splumonkey Pods will spawn a Splumonkey every 30 seconds and if one or more have been killed, will regenerate Splumonkeys every 120 seconds.

When an Earthquake occurs, or a Splumonkey has been killed by the player, Splumonkey Pods will stop spawning Splumonkeys, and all previously spawned Splumonkeys will return to their pod.

The Pod is flammable, and burning it will force out its Splumonkey inhabitants, causing them to take fire damage.

The pod can be hammered down with a Hammer with 4 strikes, which will drop 2 Manure, 2 Cave Bananas, and very rarely, a Gnome or a Female Gnome. Destroying a pod will not cause Splumonkeys to attack the player who hammered it. The pod is respawned after the Ancient Fuelweaver is killed.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Splumonkey Pod was originally a barrel, but was replaced with the tiki head version in A Moderately Friendly UpdateThe barrel was likely a reference to the phrase "more fun than a barrel of monkeys".

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