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For detailed farming informations, see Farm Plant.

The Carrot Plant is an object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Reap What You Sow update. It can be obtained by planting Oblong Seeds (also named Carrot Seeds, if researched with the Gardeneer Hat) into Farm Soil or on the ground as Wormwood. There is a chance to grow a Carrot Plant by planting regular Seeds.

The plant's favourite seasons are Autumn, Winter and Spring, so in Summer it will grow slower and accumulate more Stress points.

When harvesting in the full stage, it will give 1 Carrot and 0-2 Oblong/Carrot Seeds depending on the amount of stress points the plant accumulated. It can also grow to a Giant Crop, if the plant accumulated only 0-1 stress points. When picked and hammered, it will drop 2-3 Carrots and 2-3 Oblong/Carrot Seeds

The Carrot stays 4 days on the plant before rotting and the Giant Carrot stays 6 Days on the plant. If it have been planted by Wormwood, it lasts 50% longer before spoiling. Picking the plant in its rotten stage will give 1 Rot (normal) or 3 Rot and 1 Carrot Seed (giant). After 4 to 5 days of beeing in the rotten stage, a non-giant Carrot Plant grows back, but the new plant cannot become giant.

When picking up a rotten plant, a Fruit Fly has a 5% chance to spawn.