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To make Lunar Rift appear in the world (as well as some other content) you need to defeat Celestial Champion. After that Grainy Transmission will appear nearby and asks you to find Enlightened Shard. If you don't do this, Grainy Transmission will disappear and appear in a random location on the surface. Before you give him Enlightened Shard, you need to show it to him, and only then give it to him.


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This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift

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Sloppy! Just look at those rough edges!

Wanda, when examining the Lunar Rift

On the surface, Lunar Rifts begin to spawn if the player gives an Enlightened Shard to the Grainy Transmission (Wagstaff) when he appears after defeating the Celestial Champion. They are currently the primary source for Pure Brilliance as well as the only source for Deadly Brightshades and their Brightshade Husks.

Lunar Rifts can appear on any land tile only within the mainland (thus excluding any islands out at sea), as long as there isn't a Structure, Wall or transplanted Plant in a 5-Tile radius.

Once it spawns, the Turf around the Rift slowly gets covered by its own, and is inhabited by Grazers. Ryftstals also frequently appear around the Rift. When a character is on the Rift's Turf, their Sanity is replaced with Enlightenment, similar to the surface of the Lunar Island and the inside of Moonstorms.

The Rift has three stages in total. Every 4-5 days after its initial appearance it advances to the next stage. The transition is accompanied by an explosion that deals 60 damage to all creatures in the area and destroys Structures. The stage determines the distance in which the Turf will spread, as well as the number of Grazers and Ryftstals that appear:

Phase Size Grazer.png Ryftstal.png
1 1x1 1 0
2 3x3 3 4
3 6x6 6 12

Every 0.75-1.25 in-game days, the Rift attempts to create Ryftstals, unless the maximum amount of Ryftstals have been reached for the current stage.

As soon as the Rift reaches its final stage, it first chooses a number between 4 and 6 to determine how many Deadly Brightshade waves will be spawned before it closes. Afterwards, it immediately sends the first wave to attack groups of plants it considers "gardens" and launches the remaining waves 2 days apart, after which it will close. It chooses a new location and reopens 5 days later.


Here is a list of things that can be in the world after activating Lunar Rifts:

Effects on the World

While a Lunar Rift is active, it has several additional effects on the surface world.





More Useful Content


All items listed below have greater value after activating the Lunar Rift, but can be obtained before it opens.