Frog Rain

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In the "A Cold Reception" and "The Game Is Afoot" chapters in Adventure Mode, and during Spring in the Reign of Giants DLC, Frogs can rain from the sky, announced by the raining sounds getting significantly louder. This is very dangerous because Frogs attack the player when they are too close. It is advised to wander away from base during this type of rain since the game will keep dropping Frogs wherever the player goes. Frogs produced from rain will stay on the field as long as it is raining, and while they don't sleep at night, they will stand in place. Frogs do eventually despawn after the rain ends.


Traps can be used to deal with the Frogs and to obtain Frog Legs, which can be used to make froggle bunwich Another strategy to get rid of Frogs is to quickly move to a Beefalo herd as soon as a frog rain starts. Beefalos are in heat during Spring and will attack the Frogs. If the Beefalo herd is small, a large number of Frogs may end up winning the fight. While the Beefalos are in heat, a Beefalo Hat should be worn when picking up the Frog Legs to prevent Beefalos from attacking. The Frog Legs can be used as food but cannot be traded to the Pig King for Gold Nuggets nor the Antlion for Desert Stones directly, however, using a Birdcage, they can be exchanged for Eggs which can be traded.

Abigail can also deal with a large number of Frogs, but it doesn't take long until she's overwhelmed. However, in Don't Starve Together, she is much more durable, and can be given a Ghostly Elixir (Spectral Cure-All) to heal at a much faster rate than the Frogs can damage her. Given the Wendy player has enough Spectral Cure-Alls in their inventory, this is not only a way to keep safe during the Frog Rain, but also to consistently farm hundreds of Frog Legs.