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This article is about the cosmetic clothes in Don't Starve Together. For the gameplay-affecting items,
see Clothes.
Maybe I can be even more handsome!


Skins are a type of Curio in Don't Starve Together. They are cosmetic items that players can use to customize their Characters. Players can choose their character's Skins when they join a server for the first time, or in-game by activating a Wardrobe. There are five different types of Skins (Body, Hands, Legs, Feet and Heads) All of them are purely cosmetic, and have no effect on gameplay besides visuals. They are stored in the Curio Cabinet in the Wardrobe section, where the player can view their collection and preview skins not yet obtained.

Skins are, alongside Belongings, the only Curios that can be used in the Trade Inn interface, where a player can exchange nine unwanted Skins for a skin of higher Rarity. Distinguished, Elegant, Loyal, Timeless, Event or Heirloom Skins, as well as those with a Woven modifier, cannot be traded in.

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Belongings for Skins that can applied to Items, Structures and Followers.


Outfit Sets

WX-78 Portrait.png


Willow Portrait.png
Surviving just requires strength of will. (And fire.)


Wortox Portrait.png
I let in darkness once before, what´s the harm in a little more?


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang is large moustache man! Ha ha!


Wigfrid Portrait.png
My skill in battle is withöut peer.


Waxwell Portrait.png
The thorned rose cannot help but prick. It is its nature.


Webber Portrait.png
We love playing in the snow!


Waxwell Portrait.png
There is magic in the trees.


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Manners, my dear.


Wilson Portrait.png
Stand back. I'm going to do SCIENCE!


Webber Portrait.png
We're like a walking volcano.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wigfrid Portrait.png
My name shall live ön förever, as the scöurge öf the seven seas!


Wormwood Portrait.png
Ahhh. Home


Wortox Portrait.png
"These masked events are the playgrounds of merry mischief-makers!"


Wormwood Portrait.png
"New grown from old"


Single Sets

Time to roll up my sleeves.


Won't you visit me at the heart of the labyrinth?


Ol'Kramps says my powers should grow in soon. Hyuyu!


Why did you leave me?


Cave lonely




I'm on a see-food diet.


It's the best game you can name!


It called bye-oh-loomy...loominess...loominessence... GLOWY!


Abigail and I shared everything.


Don't worry Sirs and Madams, Woby and I are on the case!


It's a fine day for some fine dining, non?


The stage is set för my rise tö glöry!




We were so lonely back then...


Not enough people appreciate the minutiae of temporal tinkering.


Wolfgang is strongest there ever was!




Ah, the reckless abandon of youth. To think I used to dabble in fiction...


So few dare to delve into the secrets of dark magic.


You, sir! How about a shave?


Placeholder.png Trivia


  • Before the release of the Gorge event, the Victorian skins were leaked. On them, the characters had a slightly different design.
  • The Moonbound Wanda will have different stages of the moon on her forehead depending on her age.
  • Previously, The Moonbound Maxwell's design was slightly different.
  • In The Merrymaker Maxwell Portrait can be found an unused item "Candle".
  • There is a rose on the back of the Shadow Coverall as a symbol of Charlie's relationship.
  • The Friendly Scarecrow can be dressed with all kinds of clothes type Skins by the players.
  • The original description for Wolfgang's Contender skin was "Wolfgang says his prayers and eats his vitamins." This was also his quote for the skin. It seems to be referencing retired wrestler Hulk Hogan's "demandments" which included saying prayers and eating vitamins.
  • The original description for Wes' Contender skin was "He's a lover and a fighter."
  • The description for the Krampwell Head Skin used to be "Maxwell deeply regrets asking the others to choose his costume for him."
  • The Mad Lab Shoes were only added on August 31, 2022, despite the fact that the full set became available a few years earlier. Those who bought any set of skins that included the Wilson’s Mad Scientist skin received a red chest with Mad Lab Shoes upon entering the game. The chest appeared before the player could open the daily gift. Mad Lab Shoes were added in update 520864.
  • Initially, Wigfrid Moonbound Portrait featured a star instead of Alter's symbol. It was changed presumably due to associations with the Star of David. [1]
  • The description for the Obsidian's Armor used to be "Wear this decorative armor while carrying out your obsidious plans."
  • All skins in Halloween Costumes Sets reference one mob from the game. Wilson is Pig Guard, Willow is the Dragonfly, Wolfgang is a MacTusk, Wendy is aLureplant, WX-78 is a Clockwork Rook, Wickerbottom is a Volt Goat, Woodie is a Treeguard, Maxwell is the Krampus, Wes is a Mandrake, Wigfrid is the Deerclops, Webber is a Batilisk, Winona is a Grass Gekko, Warly is a Carrat, Walter is a Bee, Wortox is a No-Eyed Deer, Wormwood is a Saladmander, Wurt is the Toadstool, and Wanda is Clockwork Bishop.
    • The fact that Wes is dressed in a mandrake costume is ironic considering that Wes is always silent, and while the mandrake constantly screams in annoyance.
    • Wormwood in bloom looks like a Ripe version of a Saladmander.
    • Walter's costume refers to his bee allergy.
    • An enhanced Wurt is like an infected Toadstool.
    • Warly's quote towards the Carrat costume is a reference to the Year of the Carrat event.
  • The Survivor Maxwell quote refers to his quote from the original game's beginning, when he greets the player upon the start of a new world.
  • The Untriumphant Maxwell refers to his former self, William Carter. See the William Carter Puzzles for more.
  • The eye of The Triumphant Wormwood is very similar to the eye from the ancient portal. Additionally, one of his six petals is damaged, mirroring one of Alter's six damaged parts.
  • The Verdant Wanda has a log with clock hands on her head. With each stage of Wanda's aging, the number of rings on the log will increase.
  • The Verdant Wormwood is very similar to his original concept art designs.
  • In Rhymes with Play #201, it was revealed that Wes's Victorian skin was to have a soot cloud effect when he walked. This was not implemented as it would have made the skin more complex and thus more valuable compared to the others.
  • The Victorian Wurt shows Wurt's transformation from a merm to a furry creature (apparently a goat). This is the opposite of what was shown in The Gorge event, where all players turned into merms upon defeat. The description says she doesn't like fur, but her snow skin description says she's used to fur.
  • The Industrious Winona looks like the uniform of the workers from Voxola.
  • The Uncorrupted Wortox has a similar design to the version before he was cursed in his short.
  • The Forlorn Doll Willow appears in the Wickerbottom short.
  • The Farmspider Webber looks like the spider from the beginning of the Webber short, and has a similar costume to the kid from the short.
  • Guest of Honor Wilson's quote is exactly the opposite of Guest of Honor Webber.
  • In the portrait of Guest of Honor Willow there appears to be a [Unimplemented_Items#Player_Skulls Wilton's skull] which is an unused item.
  • The design and description of MacWolf may refer to his bald original design.
  • In update 577578, The Merrymaker Walter was found in the portrait file of The Merrymaker Wanda.

Cultural References

  • The description for the Letterman Jacket might be referencing Scooby-Doo, in which the characters Shaggy and the eponymous Scooby-Doo are known for eating a lot and running from supernatural threats.
  • The names of Wes' The Verdant Set clothing (Fauvist's X) is a reference to the artistic movement of Fauvism.
  • The Yuletide Frock's description (A dashing frock for dashing through the snow!) is a reference to the song Jingle Bells.
  • In the description for the Hutch Disguise, the fact that it mentions going "undercover" may be a reference to Hutch and Star-Sky's inspiration, Starsky & Hutch, a television show about police detectives.
  • The description for the Fiend's Claws may be a reference to Edward Scissorhands.
  • The description for the Fauvist's Gloves (Gloves to paint cheery, small trees in.) is a reference to a Bob Ross quote from The Joy of Painting ("happy little trees").
  • The description for the Cast Iron Boots references the song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'".
  • The Mad Scientist Wilson is a reference to the classic mad scientist image.
  • The Woeful Willow is a references to Wednesday Adams from The Addams Family (1991).
  • The Wolfman Wolfgang is a reference to The Wolf Man.
  • The Supernatural Wendy seems to be a simultaneous reference to Samara Morgan from The Ring due to her hair down the front and the portrait where she is trying to get out of, as well as Grady Twin from The Shining due to her costume.
  • The Bewitched Wickerbottom might be a references to Jorōgumo.
  • The Tree Hugger Woodie seems to represent a hippie and conservationist. His quote reflects that Lucy likely dislikes this, as she would rather the trees be cut down.
  • Wes's Pierrot skin is based on Pierrot, a stock character in the French pantomime and form of clown.
  • The Vampiric Maxwell is a reference to the classic Vampiric image.
  • The Creature Winona is a references to Frankenstein's monster and Bride of Frankenstein.
  • The Candy Man Warly might be a reference to Dean Corll.
  • The Wormwood O' Lantern Wormwood is a references to Jack-o'-lantern.
  • The Little Sinker Wurt is a reference to Kraken Legends.
  • The Chatterbox Walter is a reference to Slappy from Goosebumps.
  • Wes's Guest of Honor skin may be based on a man's ballet outfit. This could be a reference to ballet mime.
  • Guest of Honor Wurt looks like a goldfish.
  • The Triumphant Webber looks like a Latrodectus mactans.
  • The Triumphant Wormwood is a Atropa belladonna.
  • The Triumphant Wanda may be a reference to The Matrix,
  • WX-78's Roseate skin may be a reference to the robot from Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky.
  • The Roseate Wurt is an axolotl.
  • Wigfrid's Snowfallen skin possibly refers to frost giant or Jötnar from norse mythology.
  • Wickerbottom's Snowfallen skin could be a twofold reference to the titular Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Andersen story and to the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. Her quote for the skin ("Would you like a sweetie, dear?"), may be a further reference to the White Witch due to an event in one of the books where she tricks a main character into eating a magical Turkish delight.
  • WX-78 Snowfallen skin is a reference to the Batman villain Mr. Freeze.
  • Webber's Snowfallen skin is a snow man.
  • The Victorian Wilson is a Victorian physician. His description refers to the old methods of treatment with leeches. His quote refers to Humorism, which was attributed to the occurrence of diseases.
  • The Victorian Willow is a reference to the The Little Match Girl.
  • Wendy's Victorian skin seems to be a reference to the complex funeral practices of Victorian England.[2]
  • Wes' Victorian skin may be based on Bert from the Disney film Mary Poppins. Bert was played by Dick Van Dyke, who performed a mime act early in his career. [3]
  • The Victorian Woodie is a reference to the fur sellers in the Victorian era.
  • The Victorian WX-78 is a reference to the Standard diving dress.
  • Toni from Rhymes with Play #201 said that Wigfrid's Victorian skin is based on an illustration by Alphonse Mucha, which depicts Sarah Bernhardt as Prince Hamlet from the titular Shakespeare play. [4]
  • For his Victorian skin, Webber wears a [Sailor_suit#As_children's_clothing sailor suit], a popular type of children's clothing during the Victorian era.
  • The Victorian Winona is a reference to the blacksmith in the Victorian era.
  • The Victorian Wortox is a reference to the gargoyle. His description over it is ironic, as traditionally grotesques were made to ward off mischievous spirits.
  • Wilson's Magmatic skin is based on Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Wes's Magmatic skin is based on a bullfighter's uniform. In addition, the design takes inspiration from the titular character of The Scarlet Pimpernel, a novel by Baroness Orczy. The name of the individual skins call him the "Sulphur Pimpernel". Also, the skin's flavor text describes him as a dandy by day and a "swordsmime" by night, not unlike the Scarlet Pimpernel himself.
  • WX-78 Magmatic description is a reference to Javascript.
  • Wigfrid Magmatic quote ref to Surtr from Norse mythology.
  • Wigfrid Magmatic description ref to Ragnarök from Norse mythology.
  • Wolfgang's Contender skin is a possible reference to Hulk Hogan, due to the bandanna and sunglasses.
  • Wigfrid's Contender skin set is called "The Ultimate Performer", which may be a reference to The Ultimate Warrior, a professional wrestler. Her mask even calls to mind The Ultimate Warrior's famous face paint.
  • Webber El Tigre Cub skin may be a reference to Tiger Mask, a professional wrestling persona.
  • WX-78 Midori Robot can be a reference to program Robo One.
  • The Merrymaker WX-78 is a reference to The Nutcracker.
  • The Merrymaker Wes is a reference to Christmas elf.
  • The Merrymaker Maxwell is a reference to Ebenezer Scrooge.
  • The Merrymaker Wormwood is a reference to Poinsettia.
  • The Merrymaker Wurt description is a reference to Sugar Plum Fairy dance.
  • The Moonbound Wigfrid quote is a reference to Máni, the personification of the moon in Norse mythology.
  • The Moonbound WX-78 is a reference to Cybermans from Doctor Who.
  • The Moonbound Walter is a reference to Sailor Moon.
  • The Team Player Woodie is refer to the most popular sport in Canada - hockey.
  • The Abyssal Wurt is a Lophius.
  • His "Boy Detective" skin is possibly a reference to the character Angus McDonald from the podcast The Adventure Zone. Angus is also known as a "boy detective" and wears a similar outfit. This was later confirmed by Klei artist Leira on a charity stream guest appearance.[5]
  • Their Experiment skin is a reference to the design of Robby the Robot, aka "the hardest working robot in Hollywood", first appearing in the 1956 sci-fi film Forbidden Planet, and later in numerous other sci-fi films and tv-series between 1957 and 2017.
  • Wilson's Barber skin is based on Sweeney Todd from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. His quote for the skin reflects this as well, as it is used in one of the songs from the musical.
  • Merchant Coat, Merchant Pants and Merchant Boots were added as part of a collaboration with Terraria and are part of the NPC clothing from their Traveling Merchant.
  • The Rebel Webber description can be a reference to music Don’t Let the Man Get You Down.
  • Webber Magmatic is a reference to Steatoda nobilis because of the skull on the stomach.
  • The portrait of Guest of Honor Willow seems to refer to Hamlet's "to be or not to be" monologue.
  • The Verdant Wendy quote refers to chapter 13 of Peter Pan in which Peter called for clapping if the children believed in fairies in order to save the fairy Dinh.
  • Quote from The Masquerade Woodie refers back to Beauty and the Beast.
  • The quote and description of The Minotaur Wortox refers to the legends of the minotaur and his labyrinth.
  • The Swashbuckler Wurt is a Caridea.

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  1. Tin Can on forums: A friend of mine [who is Jewish] pointed out that the star in Wigfrid's new helm skin [which is visible in her portrait] looks a bit too close to the Star of David and it made them uncomfortable. I suggest changing the shape of the star to be something more like these. both the portrait and skin for reference. note that the resemblance is more apparent in her portrait.
  3. "In 1947, Van Dyke was persuaded by Phil Erickson to form a comedy duo with him called “Eric and Van—the Merry Mutes.” The team toured the West Coast nightclub circuit, performing a mime act and lip synching to old 78 records."
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