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The Spool system is a method of obtaining Curio Items in Don't Starve Together. All items with the Woven rarity tag can be unraveled into Spools. More common items such as Profile Icons give substantially less Spools than the more valuable items such as rare Skins. The Spools can be used to weave items with the Woven and Inspired rarity modifier. The amount of Spools required to create an item is three times greater than the Spools obtained from unraveling it, meaning that Spools should be spent wisely.

The number of Spools needed to weave a Curio item and the number of Spools granted upon unraveling it depends on the rarity of the item:

Rarity of item Cost to weave Spools obtained from unraveling
Common 15 5
Classy 45 15
Spiffy 150 50
Distinguished 450 150
Elegant 1350 450

For Curio items of Heirloom rarity, players will gain three times the amount of Spools they receive for items of the regular rarity. For example, unraveling an Heirloom Elegant item will grant 1350 Spools instead of 450.

As players can get a total of 15 Curios per week through daily gifts and random drops, they can obtain around 485.775 Spools per week at an average of 32.385 Spools per item.

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