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Emotes are a type of Curio in Don't Starve Together that allows the player to have their character perform an action by typing the corresponding command into the chat. Several commands can be used by default, such as: /happy, /angry, /no, /bonesaw, /dance, /facepalm, /joy, /kiss, /pose, /rude, /cry, /wave, /sit, /squat, /toast, /pet, and /bigpet. Some of these commands (such as dance, sit, and squat) are looped and will continue playing until the characters move or are hit.

Domesticated Beefalo also have their own set of emotes when mounted by a character; likewise, Woby has her own emotes when mounted by Walter. The mounts will mimic whatever emote the player types in the chat. However, mounts don't have pose or wave emotes, so they will simply stand still when the player uses those commands.

Default Emotes

Some default Emotes have alternate commands, listed in the table below in parentheses underneath the main command.

Commands View In-Game
(/anger, /grimace, /grimaces, /frustrate, /frustrated, /frustration)
(/annoyed, /annoy, /shakehead, /shake, /confuse, /confused)
(/ready, /goingnowhere, /playtime, /threeminutes)
(/doh, /slapintheface)
(/click, /heelclick, /heels, /celebrate, /celebration)
(/blowkiss, /smooch, /mwa, /mwah)
(/strut, /strikepose)
(/goaway, /threaten)
(/sad, /cries)
(/waves, /hi, /bye, /goodbye)
  • Beefalo mounted by Wilson performing the "/pet" emote
  • Beefalo mounted by Wilson performing the "/bigpet" emote

*These emotes will only work when mounted on a beefalo or Woby.

Unlockable Emotes

There are Emotes that are either weaved with Spools, unlocked by completing Skin ensembles, or dropped through Chests (either purchased through the Shop or earned by leveling up), the in-game drops, or the daily skin reward when opening the game. They cannot be traded or sold on the Steam market. Emotes can be previewed in the Curio Cabinet.

Forging Hammer.png The Forge Emotes

These emotes were originally only available during The Forge event, but were later made weavable.

Valentine's Day Emotes

This emote is unlockable by playing Don't Starve Together on Valentine's Day. It is also available in the Klei rewards store for 1,200 Klei points.

Ensemble Reward Emotes

Yawn, Sleepy, Carol, and Fistshake are Reward emotes, and can be unlocked by completing an ensemble of clothing.

Ensemble Description Required Items Reward
Blue Sleepytime Ensemble You look cozy from top to bottom. Sweet dreams, sleepy survivor!

High pH Blue Jammie Shirt Icon.png / Redbird Red Jammie Shirt Icon.png
Jammie Shirt
High pH Blue Jammie Pants Icon.png / Redbird Red Jammie Pants Icon.png
Jammie Pants
High Elevation Blue Patchwork Quilt Icon.png / Redbird Red Patchwork Quilt Icon.png
Patchwork Quilt

Yawny Jammies Ensemble You are so ready for a nap. You've never been more ready for anything in your entire life.

Snail Mucus Purple Jammie Shirt Icon.png / Forest Guardian Green Jammie Shirt Icon.png
Jammie Shirt
Snail Mucus Purple Jammie Pants Icon.png / Forest Guardian Green Jammie Pants Icon.png
Jammie Pants
Houndbone White Patchwork Quilt Icon.png / Forest Guardian Green Patchwork Quilt Icon.png
Patchwork Quilt

Forge Set Ensemble Why, you!

One complete The Gladiator set

Snowfallen Ensemble The spirit of Winter's Feast will keep you warm when you go a-caroling tonight!

One complete The Snowfallen set

Placeholder.png Trivia

Wilson performing the 'Dab' emote
  • The emote /bonesaw and its alternate commands (/ready, /goingnowhere, /playtime, /threeminutes) are a reference to the 2002 Spider-Man film. The commands originate from quotes by the character Bonesaw McGraw: "Bonesaw is ready!" and "Hey freak show! You're going nowhere. I got you for three minutes. Three minutes of playtime."
  • When Maxwell's shadow puppets are idling, they do the same emotes as Maxwell.
  • There is an unused 'Dab' emote in the animation files used for one of Klei's tweets that can be activated, like all other player animations, using commands in the Console. The command is: ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_dab_pre")or "emote_dab_loop" or "emote_dab_pst"
  • The Sleepy Emote's old description was "You are getting very sleepy..."
  • The /toast emote was added during the Winter's Feast event of 2019.
  • The Yawny Jammies Ensemble used to be called the Purple Jammies Ensemble.
  • The /rude emote resembles the Bras d'honneur, a rude gesture most common in Romance-speaking parts of the world.
  • The /dance emote used to be running in place
  • The animations performed by the Crabby Hermit can also be activated via console, using the following commands:
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_tango_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("look")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_clack_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_tap_loop")
  • The /pet and /bigpet emotes were added during the Year of the Beefalo event.
  • In addition to dab, there are a bunch of other unused emotions that can be used by the command
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_annoyed_facepalm")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_annoyed_palmdown")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_happycheer")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_sad")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_waving")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_angry")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_strikepose")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wilson")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("ref_idle")
  • Animations that the character cannot control independently can be played by the command
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_feet")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_hands")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_hat")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_pants")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_walter_storytelling")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_walter_storytelling_2")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_inaction_sanity_down")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_inaction")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_walter_storytelling_pst")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_loop_ui")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_hot_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_hot_pst")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_groggy")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_groggy01_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("gift_open_pre")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("gift_open_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("gift_open_pst")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("gift_pre")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("giift_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("gift_pst")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("frozen")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("refuseeat")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("spooked")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wardrobe1_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wendy_commune_pst")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("teleport")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime1")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime2")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime3")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime4")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime5")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime6")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime7")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime8")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime9")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime10")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime11")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime12")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mime13")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_walter")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_winona")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_willow")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wortox")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_woodie")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wes")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wendy")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wormwood")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wurt")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_wathgrithr")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_warly")
  • Various tool and action animations can be played independently by the command
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("aim_cannon_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("book")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("channel_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("chop_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("cointoss")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("dart")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("eat")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("flute")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("give")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("hide")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("hit")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("horn")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("jump")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("multithrust")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("punch")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("parry_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("pickup")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("pickaxe_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("pocketwatch_cast")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("pocketwatch_portal")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("pocketwatch_warp")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("powerup")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("powerdown")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("run_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("shock")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("shoot_cannon")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("shovel_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("sing")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("sink")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("sleep_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("slingshot")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("staff")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("strum")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("throw")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("till_loop")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("unsaddle")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("upgrade")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wakeup")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("water")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("whistle")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wortox_portal_jumpin")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wortox_portal_jumpout")
    • ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("wrap_loop")
  • The book used in the independent action animation appears to be entirely unique.

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