Forging Hammer

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Forge icon.png The Forge

The Forging Hammer is an item added to The Forge in Don't Starve Together. Available immediately from strength-based characters such as Wolfgang, WX-78, and Winona.

This item is a melee weapon. During the normal hammer attack, a character deals 20 damage to the target. At the same time, an attacked target has a broken shield icon above their head - a sign that their defense has been broken, and 5-10% more damage is dealt to them. Basic attacks deal physical damage.

The main ability of the Forging Hammer is Anvil Strike. When used, it creates a small field where the character jumps, dealing 30 electrical damage to all enemies in an area and provoking them to attack the offender. Also, the enemies are in a stationary state for some time after the impact, playing the animation of receiving an electric shock and not reacting to anything. Thus, during this time, they cannot attack and move for one second. This ability is capable of causing Swinefish and Grunts to come out of the shield.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The ability to break through enemy armor is very important in the Crucible. Players without a hammer are advised to focus on the target that the player with the hammer is attacking. But the player with the hammer should also attack those whom the rest of the team has already chosen to attack.
  • When fighting grunts and pigs, it's best to save your primary ability to break through their block. It is better to cooperate with the rest of the team, in what order who will do it, so as to not spend 2 main abilities at once.
  • Since hitting the anvil deals electrical damage, WX-78 will deal double the damage of 60 with this ability.