Crystal Tiara

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Forge icon.png The Forge
The Crystal Tiara is an item added to The Forge in Don't Starve Together. Dropped by a random enemy.

It is put on the cell of the head. Reduces the cooldown speed of all abilities by 10%.

Prototype.png Tips

  • It is difficult to overestimate the flowering of life. The more often the healer of the team will cast spells on him, the more often the whole team will have time to transfer the spirit and restore health. The crystal tiara would help him a lot. Players who have assumed other roles should not pick up the tiara early in the game.
  • After the winding wreath falls out, the healer should choose what is more important for him: faster recovery of health for his comrades or more frequent bloom of life magic, and depending on this, choose a wreath or tiara. Particularly experienced players can alternate between both headgear for greater effectiveness of the staff of life.
  • If the healer chooses to wear a winding wreath, the mage may temporarily wear a tiara until the psychic crown falls.