Jagged Wood Armor

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Forge icon.png The Forge
Silken Wood Armor is an item added to The Forge in Don't Starve Together. Dropped once or twice during battle.

It is armor for the body cell. Blocks damage by 75%. Reduces the cooldown speed of all abilities by 10%.

Prototype.png Tips

  • This armor is an improved version of the cane tunic: it blocks more damage and helps to cool down special item actions better.
  • The most important special action in the Crucible is lifebloom, so one piece of armor should go to the team healer.
  • If during the battle a second wood armor with silk fell out, it is better to leave it for the player with the infernal staff, since with the help of a more frequent call of the cataclysm, the number of weak warriors can be significantly reduced.