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Darts are an item added to The Forge in Don't Starve Together. Available immediately from characters such as Willow, Wilson, Wendy, Wes, and Webber.

This item fires projectiles that deal 20 damage to the target.

Of these, when shooting, it is impossible to miss the enemy.The main ability of the darts is a flurry of darts (Barrage). wWhen used, a character launches 8 darts in a given direction.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Since darts are long-range weapons, you should keep your distance from enemies while firing at them.
  • You should focus on enemies whose protection is broken (by the Forging Hammer e or Riled Lucy). So the enemy will take more damage. It is also recommended to use a barrage of darts on such enemies.
  • If the player with the darts is hit by Wigfrid's warcry, the entire flurry of darts will deal bonus damage.
  • Darts left by other players can be rotated to use flurry more often.