Living Staff

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Forge icon.png The Forge
The Living Staff is an item added to The Forge event in Don't Starve Together. Dropped from the last killed Pit Pig during the inferno on the third wave.

This item fires flower-like projectiles that deal 10 damage (like a punch) at the target. Like darts, these projectiles cannot miss their target.

Staff of Life Special Ability - Life Blossom: When used, a small circle of green flowers appears in which all characters and allies can regenerate health. At the same time, all enemies that fall into the radius of action fall asleep until the end of flowering or until they are attacked.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Since lifebloom is pretty much the only way to boost players' health, the staff of life is the most important item in The Forge. You need to put a flower field as often as possible so that allies can restore more health. Crystal tiara and wood armor with silk will help with this, reducing the cooldown of the special ability.
  • A player who uses a staff of life can be called a healer. Almost any character who knows how to handle staves can become it, however, only two have bonuses that somehow affect healing - Wickerbottom and Winona: Wickerbottom's enhanced spell restores health 20% faster, and 10% to the recharge speed of all items Winona allows you to put the flowering of life more often. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, Wilson is not the best healer.
  • In a pinch, the staff can be picked up by Maxwell to summon a wave of shadow clones early on, attacking enemies from a distance.
  • After the winding wreath drops, it is advisable for the team healer to change the crystal tiara to it, since this wreath adds 20% to outgoing healing. Experienced players may want to alternate headgear for greater effectiveness, however it is not clear when exactly the healing is calculated, during the casting of the spell or all the time.
  • If someone in the team has died, it is recommended to place the bloom of life directly on the corpse: this will put enemy warriors to sleep trying to prevent the resurrection, as well as restore some health to the resurrected while the rise animation lasts.
  • First of all, it is necessary to treat tanks and scorpionmen that have fallen into the acid (blooming completely removes the effect of the acid).
  • During the boss fight, it's recommended to place a bloom right under the Boarrior's feet to make him fall asleep (all players must stop attacking), which will give the team time to heal. In its final fifth phase, the Boarrior begins to bypass the bloom, so players should use the cornering strategy: it's hard for the champion to get out of the corner without standing in the bloom.