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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Walter Portrait.png
What's the matter, girl? Did someone fall down a well?

Walter, examining small Woby.

Wurt Portrait.png
Me want turn to ride!

Wurt, examining big Woby.

Woby (pronounced WOH-bee)[1] is a mob in Don't Starve Together, exclusive to the character Walter. She appears with Walter and follows him everywhere. She has no health hence cannot be killed.

Woby has a small and a big form. Both forms have 9 inventory slots just like Chester. Both forms have a maximum of 50 Hunger Meter.png. The hunger is lost at a rate of 20 Hunger Meter.png per day (full belly lasts for 2.5 days). Her diet consists of any Monster Food. Small Woby spawns with 0 Hunger Meter.png. Upon feeding her to at least 95% max hunger (which is 47.5) she will turn into big form. She will turn back to Small form upon reaching 0 hunger.

Walter is able to ride Big Woby (just like domesticated Beefalo). She cannot be saddled. Her run speed is affected by the level of hunger as per the table below.

Hunger Speed
35 - 50 10
16.5 - 34 9
1 - 33 8

She will buck a player off if she receives damage, an animation that will leave the player vulnerable while they are getting up off the ground. When Walter is in combat, she will run a distance and cower when not being ridden. Just like Beefalo, Woby's speed is not affected by trails or when rider is carrying heavy objects (like statues or Suspicious Marble).

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  • Woby was added along with Walter on June 15, 2020.[2]
  • Woby's basic form resembles a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.
  • The collar and "W" name suggest she is from the real world. If this is the case, Woby is the third non-human entity pulled into the Constant; the first one being WX-78, and the second one being Wortox.
  • Walter's Examination quote for Woby is a reference to Lassie, a television dog who characters in the show famously mistook as alerting of a boy in the well when she barked at them.
  • From Rhymes With Play # 278, it was mentioned that Woby was named after Toby, an office dog at Klei.
  • The large form of Woby has a backpack under the neck. This may be a reference to the popular myth of dogs carrying beer barrels in a similar fashion.[3]


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