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Ah, dragön! At last we meet!


In Don't Starve Together, Dragonfly is no longer tied to Summer. Instead, she is present year-round as part of a special set piece in the Desert. Upon death, she will also drop all types of Gems, Gold Nuggets, Lavae Egg(s), a blueprint for a Scaled Furnace, and a Sketch for a Dragonfly Figure in addition to Meat and Scales.

Dragonfly also increases her freezing threshold by two each time she is frozen, and has four added to the threshold when enraged.

Dragonfly's year-round presence makes her an effective but dangerous way to get rid of other giants. On the other hand, due to Dragonfly's year-round presence, utilizing the other Giants strength to heavily damage Dragonfly is a viable strategy.

If Dragonfly is attacked by a nearby enemy and any player is nearby, Dragonfly will target them after killing the enemy that attacked her, even if the player is not fighting her in any way.


Dragonfly will wander within 15 unit of its own spawner point. If it leaves this range, the dragonfly will try to fly back.

Dragonfly will actively attack only the player.

If the dragonfly flies away and disappears, the Dragonfly spawner point will immediately refresh a new dragonfly:

  • Dragonfly is more than 60 units away from her spawner point;
  • more than 4 units away from land;
  • Server reset (rollback, single exit reenter, etc.).

If Dragonfly is killed, she will re-spawn 20 days later (with the default World Generation setting for Dragonfly, 10 days if setting is "more", and 5 days for "lots", 40 days for "less").


Dragonfly will always spawn Lavae when reaching 80%, 50% and 20% of her Max HP. However, if all the larvae die before reaching the next thresholds, she may spawn more. Lavae are spawned from the Magma pools within range (approximately 13 pitchforks) of Dragonfly when she attempts to spawn them. The order is random and she will often revisit pools. If no pools are within range she will spawn them where she is.

The number of Lavae spawned is 5 during the first wave, and increases by one for each subsequent wave. The rate at which they spawn will also increase and Dragonfly will eventually start spawning two in quick succession from certain pools. When the last Lavae of a wave either dies or is frozen, the Dragonfly will act in one of two ways. If the last Lavae spawned was killed (or frozen) before it could die naturally (30 seconds after being spawned), Dragonfly will become enraged. If it dies naturally, after living a full 30 seconds, Dragonfly will randomly either become enraged or fly off to spawn another wave.

When in her enraged state, Dragonfly will be "extinguished" and revert back to normal after 1 minute or if her Wetness is increased to 90/100, Frozen or Sleep. This can be achieved by throwing Water Balloons at her. A total of 5 balloons are sufficient to extinguish her, though targeting her while she is moving is rather difficult due to her high speed in her enraged state. This also encourages players to fight Dragonfly during Spring when there is heavy Rain as it will naturally add to her wetness. A Pan Flute can also be used to revert her back to her normal state when played in range.


When fought, she will be stunned for ten seconds if she takes more than 1250 damage within a five-second period. While stunned, if she takes 2500 damage, she will drop Scales. Afterwards, She cannot be stunned for another 60 seconds and requires an extra 250 damage to be stunned again (stacking each time). Subsequent stuns will not drop extra Scales, though this can be reset if Dragonfly is re-spawned by leaving the arena or killing her.

Tentacle Spike.pngStrategy

Example of a wall built for use in Dragonfly fight

An easy way to kill Dragonfly is to build walls around the Magma pools to prevent any Lavae from coming out. The player can either create walls around the Magma pools themselves or build a wall going through the furthest Magma pool with no other Magma pools on either side of it. The latter option requires less resources, but can allow openings for Lavae to get through if done wrong. If using the latter method and Dragonfly chooses to spawn Lavae at the walled Magma pool, the Lavae will spawn past the walls. If the player opts to simply tank Dragonfly's damage, they can forgo the walls around the pools and instead build a small enclosure around their character to keep out the Lavae.

When Dragonfly goes to spawn Lavae, they will go for any players nearby but won't be able to pass the walls. The player can use this time to heal or to chase her and fight. Eventually, the Lavae will die while stuck on the walls and Dragonfly will become enraged. When this happens, she can be immediately put to sleep with the Pan Flute and avoid this more dangerous phase entirely. Note that if the Lavae die naturally, there is a chance of Dragonfly flying off to spawn another wave of Lavae immediately. If avoiding this is desired, freezing the last-spawned Lavae with an Ice Staff (or killing it) will ensure she gets enraged. Thus, if the last Lavae of every wave is killed this way, players can ensure that the Dragonfly won’t spawn more than three Lavae waves

If the Pan Flute is unavailable, Dragonfly is also susceptible to Sleep Darts. While 4 Sleep Darts are enough to put her to sleep, it is recommended to shoot 5 in case one of them misses. The darts should be fired once Dragonfly begins to stomp and as soon as the player is outside of the attack's range. Trying to walk farther away than necessary will only waste time.

When kiting Dragonfly, it may be useful to use a Walking Cane and Cobblestones for the added speed boost, though these are only to make the fight easier and are not absolutely mandatory. Dragonfly should be hit exactly as many times as possible before being hit (typically around 6 hits). If this is done correctly, Dragonfly will stand still while swiping and the player will be safely out of reach. If the player attempts to play it safe and hit her too little, however, she will be able to fly towards the player while swinging and land a guaranteed hit.

24 Gunpowder can be used to stun Dragonfly and make her drop scales, using one stack of 8 and one stack of 16. For convenience, the Dragonfly may be put to sleep (as she is immune to fire damage, she will not be woken early if she falls asleep on burning Gunpowder). Alternatively, some armor or a tamed beefalo can be used to tank a few hits to keep Dragonfly in place, though the latter necessitates a Fire Staff to light the Gunpowder, as well as careful maneuvering to avoid getting caught in the explosion.

Number of hits needed to defeat Dragonfly per weapon (default damage modifier)
Fire Dart.pngFire Staff.pngTooth Trap.png Fishing Rod.pngBug Net.png Lucy the Axe.png Shovel.pngPitchfork.pngHammer.pngTorch.pngUmbrella.pngWalking Cane.pngWillow's Lighter.png Axe.png Pickaxe.pngLuxury Axe.pngOpulent Pickaxe.pngBoomerang.png PickSlashAxe.png Spear.png Moon Glass Axe.png Bat Bat.png Ham Bat.png Morning Star.png Slurtle Slime.png Tentacle Spike.png Battle Spear.png Thulecite Club.png Dark Sword.png Glass Cutter.png Blow Dart.png Gunpowder.png
Immune 6471 2022 1617 1011 899 809 647 462-924 634 or 380 550 539 647 462 404 275 138

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name Dragonfly is a compound of the words "Dragon" and "Fly" rather than being based off of real life dragonflies, hence her appearance.
    • Wolfgang's quote references that fact.
    • Additionally, her Don't Starve Together spoils of Gold Nuggets and Gems may be due to the tales of mythical dragons hoarding large amounts of treasure.
  • Dragonfly's method of melting flammable objects to consume the ashes is similar to how real flies will spit out digestive juices onto their food before sucking it up.
  • Dragonfly's attack pattern resets when re-loading the game, causing her to use her AoE ground slam attack.
  • In the credits for Don't Starve Together, Dragonfly has red eyes when not enraged, despite the in-game Dragonfly having black eyes while not enraged. Additionally, in the trailer, she is again incorrectly shown having black eyes when enraged.
  • Dragonfly's Winter's Feast appearance resembles holly, specifically a variety with yellow berries.
  • Dragonfly and the Antlion spawn in different desert biomes. Antlion's desert contains the Oasis and limbed cacti, while Dragonfly's desert has spiky trees, hound mounds, and round cacti.
  • Dragonfly is the first creature to have such a skill behavior tree and has the most complex and diverse switching conditions.
    • For seven years the dragonfly was the only mob have it, until the "Host of Horrors" update added the [[Armored Beager and Crystal Deerclops.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The newly spawned dragonfly doesn't wander normally, but stays in one position. It will only return to normal if she leave the player's loading area and then re-enter the loading area again.
  • Some players may find themselves taking so much damage during a Ring of Fire attack that Armor Piercing is killed, while others may find themselves taking no damage and simply being ignited. This is because the attack range of the ring of fire is not a ring, but a ring like range composed of eight small rings stacked together, each small ring will cause a fire ring damage. If you stand in the superposition of the ring, you will take 2 or even 3 damage. If you are lucky enough to stand in the gap between the rings, you will not be harmed by the ring of fire, but you will still be ignited.
  • Dragonflies spawned via console in DST may occasionally become peaceful after taking a significant amount of damage.
  • If the dragonfly is sleep or frozen, then the range of the dragonfly's wandering and the range in which it determines whether it is too far from home will be changed to center around its frozen or sleep location (rather than the spawner point).

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