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The Peagawk is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is typically encountered in the Wild Plains and Rainforest Biome with its tail feathers arranged in a way to resemble a bush with many blinking eyes. It eats Vegetables off the ground.

Moving closer to it will cause it to run away from the player, but it can be lured with Petals or Vegetables for an easy kill. Upon death, it drops two Drumsticks and one Peagawk Plume. Peagawk also run away from Poison Dartfrogs.

Peagawk Plumes can also be obtained by picking them directly on the alive bird. In order to do this, the Peagawk has to be distracted, asleep, or cornered, or else it will run away. It takes one sleep dart to put a Peagawk to sleep.

Pegawk Plumes can be traded for two Oincs each, once per day. With four Pegawk plumes, one Cloth, and one Pig Skin, one can craft a Gas Mask, to protect from Hay Fever and poison damage in the Gas Rainforest.

A single Peagawk can provide up to seven plumes the first time one picks it. A bald Peagawk will regrow one plume per day. Peagawks are not currently known to respawn.

Placeholder.png Trivia 

  • It appears to use the same base model as the Gobbler.
  • The name "Peagawk" is a portmanteau of "peacock" and "gawk".
  • Before the update of 11.20, only the plume of the top could be picked, but regrew every 10 seconds, making the Plume farm infinite.
  • Peagawks always drop one of their feathers when killed, regardless of how many have been picked.
  • WX-78 is able to outrun and pluck Peagawks while overcharged.
  • There is an Unimplemented mob, the peahen, that was likely intended to be related to peagawks. Peahens behave like buzzards, however.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The texture of the bald hiding Peagawk is missing. Therefore, when calming down, it will appear to have all its feathers, while in reality, it doesn't have them anymore.

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