Gas Rainforest

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Koff! Koff! Get me outta here!

Woodlegs, entering the biome without a Gas Mask.

The Gas Rainforest is a biome introduced in the Hamlet DLC. This biome is often but not always connected to a Deep Rainforest biome, and can mostly be found at one extremity of the Map. The terrain is a noticeably deeper red color than the Deep Rainforest terrain and has a thin green fog throughout. This Biome can be only found on the first island.

The Gas Rainforest is the only place the player can find naturally occurring Red, Green and Blue Mushrooms (and Mushtrees during a Full Moon or Aporkalypse). The Ruin containing the Pherostone can be found here, as well as the entrance to the island containing the Aporkalypse Calendar and End Well.

A Gas Mask is required to navigate the Gas Rainforest without taking damage. If the player enters this biome without a Gas Mask, the edges of the screen will produce a green flicker (similar to being poisoned) doing 5 damage per second until the player exits the biome.

The Gas Rainforest can be used to kill Gnat Swarms, similar to Bug B'Gone. Rabid Beetles, Vampire Bats and Royal Guards are susceptible to the Deep Rainforest poisonous gas. Other mobs, even those affected by Bug B'Gone, do not take any damage from the Gas Rainforest.

The stone turf found near Ruin Entrances and under Relic Fragments or jagged Boulders is not considered to be part of the Gas Rainforest, and thus is safe to stand on. If the stone turf is dug up, however, the ground underneath will revert to Gas Rainforest turf. Since no turf can be placed in the Gas Rainforest, removing the safe stone turf is permanent.

The Gas Rainforest cannot be dug up with a Pitchfork to get its Turf, and doing so will lose all durability of the Pitchfork.

Parrots are the only birds that spawn and land on this biome.

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  • Gas Rainforest Turf can be obtained using the Console, its spawn code is "turf_gasjungle". Entering Gas Rainforest Turf spawned this way will damage the player (as if the player entered the biome).
  • When entering this biome and raining, the canopy will provide shelter, granting 35% Wetness resistance, and preventing held Torches from being affected by Rain.
  • The fact that mushrooms occur in this biome, along with the green veins on the ground, suggests that a fungus growing in the soil is responsible for toxic vapors.