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It smells like a barn.


The Savanna is a Biome rich with Grass and Mobs, while containing little flora. It's the only Biome where Beefalo spawn, but is also home to many Rabbits, Redbirds, and Crows. Spider Dens may also rarely appear. Flowers are sometimes found, which spawn Butterflies.

While many Grass Tufts grow on this terrain, Evergreens don't spawn on a Savanna. However, it is possible to manually plant Trees there.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Savanna is usually a very good Biome to settle in due to the abundance of Grass, and renewable food sources, while other essential renewable resources such as Twigs and Evergreens can be easily transplanted from other Biomes, as long as it is big enough to settle a camp in.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • In older versions of the game, the Savanna Biome had a more reddish hue on the map.

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