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"Smells like mud".


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Forest is a biome designated by dark green ground and lots of Evergreens and Lumpy Evergreens. In addition to Trees, Boulders, Graves and Spider Dens can be found.

The forest biome is the most prone to Fire and the spawning of Treeguards, due to the number of Trees in close proximity.

Forests can be found as whole islands, in the center of a Marsh, or as small portions of other islands, typically near the center. It is also possible to find other biomes in the center of a forest biome.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, the Stagehand, Terrarium and the Moon Stone Set Piece spawn in the Forest biome. In some worlds, Juicy Berry Bushes and Twiggy Trees replace Berry Bushes and Saplings respectively, including in this biome.

There are at least 2 forests in each world, with the different variants listed below:

Moonstone Forest

This forest contains the Moon Stone Set Piece and is guaranteed to be generated with a small, internal grassland which holds a Walrus Camp. Unless the world has the Triple MacTusk biome (always located next to the Stage), this will be the only Walrus Camp.

Mandrake Forest

This forest spawns with a small contained grassland with 1-3 Mandrakes growing in it. This forest will also contain a mini Savanna with Beefalo.

Spider Forest

This forest contains a large amount of Spider Dens (Level 1 and 2), along with sporadic Pig Houses close to them, which can prompt fights between Spiders and Pigs. It may be necessary to clear several Spider Dens in this forest during the early game, as the forest will eventually be flooded with Level 3 dens and Spider Queens. The forest will contain an occasional Grave, making it and the Graveyard the only natural sources of graves outside of Set Pieces. Green Mushrooms are also commonly found here.

Lumpy Forest

This forest spawns with most, if not all trees replaced with Lumpy Evergreens, making the trees non-renewable. This forest occasionally melds with other forest variants.

Totally Normal Forest

This forest will be dotted with a few Totally Normal Trees surrounded by Evil Flowers. These can be cut and dug up for Living Logs, enough to craft a Shadow Manipulator, though care must be taken from the Evil Flowers reducing sanity while nearby. This forest occasionally melds with other forest variants.