Lumpy Evergreen

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This sad tree has no cones.


Lumpy Evergreens are a variant of the typical Evergreen with lumpy and wilted-looking branches. Unlike normal Evergreens, the Lumpy variety does not produce Pine Cones, leading Characters to wonder how it reproduces at all. They still have a life-cycle, growing to huge trees and then reverting to small ones. Also like normal trees, lumpy ones can become Treeguards, which will have the lumpy appearance as opposed to the standard treeguard look. Like other trees, the stumps of the Lumpy Evergreen variety can be dug up with a Shovel or Regal Shovel to get an additional Log.

When spawned naturally in Survival Mode, Lumpy Evergreens only appear in Forest Biomes, however in Adventure Mode, they may be found elsewhere. Often entire forests of Lumpy Evergreens will be found, however they usually do not mix with standard Evergreens.

Currently the number of Lumpy Evergreens generated in a world are not affected by the "Trees" slider setting in the custom world settings.

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