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Lune Trees are Trees exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. They are found exclusively in the Lunar Forest and Lunar Baths Biome on the Lunar Island.

Chopping a small Lune Tree gives 2 Logs and 50% to get a Lune Tree Blossom, the resulting stumps can be dug for one Log.

Chopping a normal Lune Tree gives 3 Logs, 1 Lune Tree Blossom plus 25% to get an extra one, and spawn one Moon Moth. The resulting stumps can be dug for 2 Logs.

Chopping a tall Lune Tree gives 4 Logs, 2 Lune Tree Blossom and spawn one Moon Moth plus 50% to spawn another. The resulting stumps can be dug for 2 Logs.

Moon Moths can be caught with a Bug Net and planted to make a Lune Tree Sapling.

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  • These can be a slightly better source for wood than Evergreens or Birchnut Trees as they give up to 6 Logs instead of 4.

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