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The mussels do pull-ups on this.


The Mussel Stick is a Food Tab item used solely for harvesting Mussels from Mussel Beds. It can be created from 2 Bamboo, 1 Vine, and 1 Seaweed at the Science Machine.

The stick can be planted on a Mussel Bed. Later the Mussels can be harvested, consuming the stick, the Mussel Bed, and giving 1, 3, or 6 Mussels (depending on how long ago the stick has been planted). The number of Mussels is indicated by how much of the stick is covered in them. New Mussel Beds will spawn randomly to replace those consumed, additionally they can also be crafted and planted by the player.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Mussels attached to the Mussel Stick do not spoil, making it an excellent tool for creating an emergency food supply. Given enough time has passed after planting, each planted stick will yield 6 mussels.
  • Just two of these around the player base with a Crock Pot means an emergency supply of 4 Fishsticks by just adding 1 Twigs in each recipe, or 4 Seafood Gumbo if one Jellyfish is added to each recipe.
  • Strong Winds during Hurricane Season can uproot planted mussel sticks, causing all materials to sink into the Ocean. These can be retrieved by sailing over them with a Trawl Net, if done so within 2 days.

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