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The tool of entomologists.


Catch small flying things and put them or their loot in your inventory.

-Scrapbook Description

Equipped Bug Net

The Bug Net is a Survival Item that can be used to catch insects, such as Bees, Butterflies, Mosquitos, and Fireflies. It requires 4 Twigs, 2 Silk, and 1 Rope to craft and a Science Machine to prototype.

It is an important tool for Honey making, as one require Bees for crafting a Bee Box, and Butterflies for planting Flowers around the Bee Box. It's also required to catch Fireflies for a Miner Hat or Pumpkin Lantern. One can also collect Killer Bees or Mosquitos, a safer alternative than trying to kill them with a weapon. Captured hostile insects can then be murdered to get their drops, or they can be weaponized, by either releasing them near other Mobs or placing them in chests (including Chester), to target Mobs that break the chests (or kill Chester). The murder feature is even more useful as Wortox, allowing him to, in short, extend his soul limit.

Higgsbury Red T-Shirt Icon.png Skins

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Belongings

In Don't Starve Together, Skins can be applied to certain items to change their appearance. Information on how to obtain specific skins can be found on the Belongings page.

  • The Proof of Purchase Ravenous Spidernet and Cavernous Spidernet skins are obtained by purchasing the black Spider Plush V2.0 and white Spider Plush V2.0 respectively, from the Klei Store.
  • The Woven - Elegant Lavaproof Bugnet skin was introduced in the An Eye for An Eye update in 2021, as a crossover collaboration with Re-Logic's Terraria. Its rarity was Inspired - Elegant initially, but received change in August 19, 2022.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • In the old science system, the Bug Net crafting cost was 30 Research Points.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • During daytime, hovering the mouse pointer over Fireflies with the Bug Net equipped will not give the 'Catch' prompt, but pressing the spacebar while standing next to them will catch the Fireflies.

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