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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Inspectacles is a special item that can be used and crafted only by Winona with the "Founder's Keepers I" skill.

When you equip the Inspectacles, you will see blue radio waves on the borders of the screen. The waves show the direction of a nearby Cachebox. If the Cachebox is broken, you need to complete a mini-game to repair it. After repairing or opening, a Cachebox will drop some items that can be used for new crafts or getting new recipes. A new Cachebox will appear after 1 day.

Founder's Keepers II.png Founder's Keepers II

Winona with the "Founder's Keepers II" skill can find Advanced Cacheboxes and common Cacheboxes. They also can be found in broken or fixed form.

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