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The Year of the Bunnyman is an event in Don't Starve Together that began on January 20, 2023. It is currently not known when the event will end.[1] It is inspired by the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. In the Chinese zodiac, each year is related to an animal in a 12-year cycle.

It is similar to the Year of the Gobbler, Year of the Varg, Year of the Pig King, Year of the Carrat, Year of the Beefalo, and Year of the Catcoon events, which came in the years before, and shares some mechanics with them, such as the Offerings crafting tab, and most crafted items from those events. However, there are several additions and differences to be implemented into this event. Players can revisit this event by setting Events to Year of the Bunnyman in the World Customization menu.

Bunnyman Shrine

Warly Portrait.png
Are you hungry, monsieur?

Warly, when examining a Unoffered Bunnyman Shrine.

Warly Portrait.png
I do enjoy a good rabbit stew. I should show them my appreciation.

Warly, when examining a Offered Bunnyman Shrine.

Warly Portrait.png
A bit too well-done.

Warly, when examining a Burnt Bunnyman Shrine.

The Bunnyman Shrine is a crafted Structure and requires 4 Gold Nuggets and 2 Boards to craft. It is always available to craft and does not require prototyping.

Offering a Carrot to the Bunnyman Shrine will grant players access to the Offerings Filter where they are able to acquire event-specific items using Lucky Gold Nuggets. Once a single carrot has been added, the Offerings Filter is opened until the carrot spoils or the Shrine is destroyed.

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Lucky Gold Nugget.png Lucky Gold Nugget

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining a Lucky Gold Nugget.

Lucky Gold Nuggets are used to acquire items from the Offerings Filter and can be obtained from Red Pouches offered by a Cozy Bunnyman after game. Small red pouches contain 1 lucky gold nugget, and large red pouches can contain 3-4.

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Cozy Bunnyman

Willow Portrait.png
Ha, look at their dumb little faces!

Willow, when examining a Cozy Bunnyman

Cozy Bunnymen are creatures that appear from the ground as soon as carrots are placed on the Bunnyman Shrine. There are 9 of them in total and unlike regular Bunnymen they do not attack or run away from characters considered "monsters", but burrow back into the ground when any hostile creature is nearby or a player has attacked a Cozy Bunnyman. They can be asked to fight in the Pillow Fight Pit in the evening or at night with a Glove of Challenge. They also sometimes play Spin the Carrot, in which one of the rabbits spins the carrots, and the Bunnyman who was picked by the carrot will have to eat the Hare Ball, which will be spit out by the Bunnyman spinning the carrot. If a player was selected by the carrot and they picked up the Hare Ball they will be given Red Pouches. In the evening and at night they fight with pillows, and during the day they sleep. During the day, you can wake them up by hitting them with a pillow. Cozy Bunnymen also ignore 99% damage. During a Full Moon or Moon Storm the Cozy Bunnymen will glow.

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  • "HIDE!"
  • "FLEE!"
  • "CRIME!"
  • "SCATTER!"


  • "COZY"
  • "NEST"


  • "MOON!"
  • "SKY!"
  • "LIGHT!"
  • "PARTY!"

Question danger

  • "SAFE?"
  • "DANGER?"
  • "GONE?"


  • "PLAY?"
  • "SNACK?"
  • "HUG?"


  • "SPIN!"


  • "GAME!"
  • "SERVED!"
  • "MATCH!"


  • "BOOKED"
  • "HAVE"
  • "BUSY"

Out of arena

  • "ARENA?"

Start Speen Game

  • "PLAY!"
  • "SPIN!"
  • "CARROT!"


  • "YAY!"
  • "WOOP!"




  • "YUM!"
  • "YUMMY!"


  • "EAT!"
  • "{winner}"
  • "{winner}"


  • "MOON!"
  • "SUBLIME!"
  • "GLOW!"
  • "EYE!"


  • "CRAMPED!"
  • "PACKED!"

Pillow Fight Pit

The Pillow Fight Pit is an arena where Cozy Bunnyman can be summoned to fight with pads. In order to fight in the arena, you need to approach one or more of the Cozy Bunnyman in the evening or at night and give them the Glove of Challenge. Then go to the Pillow Fight Pit and click on the bell, then the battle will begin. You only need to use Pillow Armor and Pillow in combat. Your task is to throw Cozy Bunnyman out of the arena by pushing his pillow. If you push all the Bunnymans out of the arena, then they will return to their original positions and one of them will give you a Red Pouch. If one of the rabbits pushed you out of the arena, then you will lose and get nothing, and the Bunnymans will return to their places. If you ring the bell during the day, then all Cozy Bunnymans will wake up. They can also be driven away by taking the spinning carrots. They can't be challenged to a duel if they're spinning carrots. If you fight in the arena for more than one minute, then you will be given Lucky Gold Nuggets only for those hares that you managed to defeat.

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Glove of Challenge

Glove of Challenge is the item that must be given to Cozy Bunnies in order to challenge them to the Pillow Fight Pit.

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Pillows are weapons that don't deal damage. They're only needed to fight Cozy Bunny at the Pillow Fight Pit. Each Pillow has a different level of repulsion.

Pillow Armor

Pillow Armor is a padded armor. Depending on the pillow, the level of knockback changes, which gives the player the privilege in battle. This is also the only type of armor that Cozy Bunny can wear. If you throw them on the floor, they will look like large pillows. When Cozy Bunny spawns, they also place large pillows under them, however, they can only be picked up after the death of Cozy Bunny, which belonged to the pillow. With the help of the Deconstruction Staff, they can be dismantled, even if this pillow belongs to a rabbit and cannot be picked up. In this way, you can disassemble the pads, and then drive the rabbits away so that after they return again and put down their pads.

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Bunny Roll

Bunny Roll is food that can only be crafted during the event. Cannot be eaten by Wigfrid

Moon Cake

Moon Cake is food that can only be crafted during the event. Cannot be eaten by Wigfrid

Moon Jelly

Moon Jelly is food that can only be crafted during the event.

Skewered Puffs

Skewered Puffs is food that can only be crafted during the event.

Rabbit Lamp

Rabbit Lamp are decorative structures that you can craft during the event. They can be replenished with fuel, they cannot cook. Coal can also fall from them.


Nightcap is a hat that can only be crafted during the event. It does not get used up. If worn while sleeping in a tent health and sanity regenerates more quickly.

Figure Sketches

Bunnyman Figure Sketches can be acquired at the Bunnyman Shrine in exchange for 8 Lucky Gold Nuggets. They can then be given to a Potter's Wheel to sculpt Bunnyman Figure.


Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Promo art, as well as animation in the main menu of the event, are a reference to the famous painting La creazione di Adamo.
  • If one manages to kill a Cozy Bunnyman, they'll drop standard bunnyman loot, alongside their pillow weapon and armor. However, due to their cowardly nature and massive damage resistance, this is virtually impossible without the use of cheats.

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  1. The Year of the Bunnyman Has Arrived! Posted January 20, 2023.