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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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The beefalo really like this bell, and whoever rings it!


Name and bond with one Beefalo at a time. Bonded Beefalo will follow the holder, even into caves and offline.

-Scrapbook Description

The Beefalo Bell is a craftable item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, It is found in the Tools Filter, requiring three Gold Nuggets and one Flint, and requires the Science Machine to prototype. It is used to bond with a Beefalo by hovering the bell over it, then clicking the left mouse button. Players can name the Beefalo by either typing it in or choosing one of various names by clicking the Random button: the default name given is [Player]'s Beefalo. A player may only be bonded with one Beefalo at a time.

Bonded Beefalo will follow the player unless the player aggravates them or nearby Beefalo, even when untamed. The player can break the bond by right-clicking the bell.

When a player goes offline with a Beefalo Bell, the Bonded Beefalo disappears with the player. It also allows players to take Beefalo into the Cave, and through Worm Holes.

Possible Generated Beefalo Names

The following names can be generated and assigned to a beefalo by clicking the "Random" button on the naming interface:

  • Annabeef
  • Beefy
  • Beefssie
  • Betsbeef
  • Beefa
  • Daisbeef
  • Dixbeef
  • Gertbeef
  • Beefgus
  • Beefinand
  • Wellington
  • Bradbeef
  • Beefany
  • Harry
  • Hoofrey
  • Beeftholomew
  • Guineveal
  • Patty O'Beef
  • Beeferella

Prototype.png Tips

  • The bell is a handy tool to have around when taming a Beefalo, as having to feed it to make it a follower can be expensive.
  • The bell can be used to hunt individual Beefalo by leading it away from its herd.
  • If the bell is dropped on the floor, the bonded Beefalo will wander around the general area of the bell, running back towards it if it strays too far; this make it an effective way to keep Beefalo within an area.
  • The bonded Beefalo will go in heat as usual, which will eventually create a small herd from a single Beefalo.
    • So long as the Beefalo Bell is held by the player, the bonded Beefalo will not attack them if they are in heat, although their offspring will.
    • If the bonded Beefalo is in heat and the bell is placed on the floor, it will be aggressive to its owner.
  • The bonded Beefalo will continue dropping Manure and can be shaven with a Razor, giving an easy source of both.
  • The Beefalo Bell can be kept at home base, which allows Domesticated Beefalo to go home by themselves if the player is too far from base.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Beefalo Bell was introduced in the Year of the Beefalo, as part of the event.
  • The Beefalo Bell resembles a real life instrument called a Cowbell.
  • The name "Wellington" is likely a play on words of the dish, Beef Wellington.