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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Security Contract is a purchasable and craftable Item introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It is purchased at the Swinesbury City Hall for ten Oincs. When given to a Royal Guard, they will be hired to the player's service for up to two and a half days. During this time, the Guard will follow the player and fight for them.

If the player is in possession of the Key to the City, they can also craft a Security Contract in the City Planning Tab using ten Oincs.

Prototype.png Tips

  • As Royal Guards attack enemies with Torches during Dusk and Night, the player should be cautious when having them fight in an area with many Flammable Objects.
  • Royal guards can activate Pressure Plates in Ancient Pig Ruins, possibly activating dart traps. Be cautious when bringing them into ruins.
  • Royal Guards' unequipped weapons can be knocked out of their inventory preventing the guard from switching weapons. Guards hit by Hanging Vines or Poison Dartfrogs will drop their torches during the day, forcing them to fight with their Halberds even at night.
  • Be warned that befriended Royal Guards will still attack players who commit crimes or pick up their dropped items.
  • Befriended Royal Guards will not put out fires and have a sanity aura.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If the Security Contract has been stolen and the player leaves the City Hall before day, they can come back at the next dusk. The Mayor will still be asleep, allowing the player to steal another Security Contract. The Mayor will wake up and restock it, but the player will be able to steal the Security Contract again. This can be repeated infinitely.[Verification Needed]

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Security Contract can also be crafted using 1 Tenpiece Oincs or 1 Centapiece Oinc. If using Centapiece Oinc, one will be returned 9 Tenpiece Oincs.