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The protection this hat offers only really works on Bees and Bee-like creatures.

-Scrapbook Description

The Beekeeper Hat is a wearable Armor item, crafted in the Dress Tab. It requires 8 Silk and 1 Rope to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

The Beekeeper Hat has 750 durability and absorbs 80% of damage taken from Bees and Killer Bees. It is useful when a player is harvesting Honey from a Bee Box or destroying Beehives.

In Don't Starve Together, the Beekeeper Hat additionally reduces damage taken from Grumble Bees and the Bee Queen by the same amount, making it very useful when farming Royal Jelly. It also has 40% more durability (1050).

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  • The Elegant Mourning Veil skin is obtained by purchasing the Wendy and Abigail Funko Pop! figure set, e.g. from the Klei Store.

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