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Uuugh, it's no fun cooking with instructions!


A record of all the foods cooked and/or eaten, as well as the ingredients used to cook them.

-Scrapbook Description

The Cookbook is a Cooking Filter item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It requires 1 Papyrus and 1 Carrot to craft and a Science Machine to prototype.

If the player is the one who cooked it, the player learns a recipe after picking the food item from either the Crock Pot or the Portable Crock Pot. The 6 most recent unique recipes will be stored, while older ones will be forgotten. Learned recipes are stored in the player's online profile and are conserved between all servers. They can be viewed in the Compendium. The Cookbook is not needed to learn recipes, but it is needed to display the acquired knowledge.

Once the food is eaten, it shows the Health, Sanity, and Hunger the recipe heals, as well as bonus effects, such as Jellybeans' regeneration effect, or Spicy Chili's temperature increase.

The Cookbook recipes can be sorted in 5 categories: Alphabetic, Health, Sanity, Hunger and Side Effects. "Alphabetic" will show the recipes in alphabetic order. Choosing any stat will show the recipes you know that heal the most of the selected one first. Choosing "Side Effect" will show recipes with bonus effects first. You may also filter the recipes as: Meat, Veggie, Others, and Side Effect. Choosing any of the options will show only recipes with the criteria.

The following tables below shows the correspondence between the information in the cookbook and the actual values.

Spoil Time Cookbook
≤ 6 days Quickly
≤ 10 days Average
≤ 15 days Slowly
> 15 days Very Slowly
Never Never
CookTime Cookbook
< 20s Short
< 40s Average
< 50s Long
≥ 50s Very Long

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Cookbook was introduced in the August QOL Update.
  • Modded foods are saved locally. They are not saved to player's online profile, but they do appear in their own tab within the cookbook screen.
  • The Cookbook layout is very similar to the one in The Gorge event.
  • Before the Reap What You Sow update, a cookbook's cost was 1 papyrus, 1 feather pencil, and 2 silk.

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