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Exclusive to:  Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Shadow Rift.png Shadow Rift

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Luce says she doesn't like him.


This tool will Reap harvestables in an area around it, not just a single item.

-Scrapbook Description

The Shadow Reaper is a weapon and resource gathering tool exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. It can be crafted at the Shadowcraft Plinth with 3 Pure Horror and 1 Dark Tatters.

As tool, the Shadow Reaper can harvest all pickable resources with one swing within a 1-square radius of the turf, with the exception of small things like mushrooms and flowers. There is no limit to how many plants can be harvested at once, as long as they are in range.  

As a weapon, the Shadow Reaper deals 38 physical damage and 18 Planar Damage totaling 56 damage. The Shadow Reaper deals 10% more total damage to Lunar Aligned creatures, totaling 61.6 damage.

If the Void Cowl is equipped, physical damage is increased by 10%, and planar damage is increased by 5. Additionally, the Void Cowl increases the Shadow Reaper's planar damage by accumulating an additional 4 damage per consecutive hit on an enemy. The maximum bonus is 24 damage reached after 6 hits, totaling 47 planar damage. The bonus disappears if the character unequips the Void Cowl or does not attack for 3 seconds. The first hit with the Cowl equipped totals 68.8 damage, or 75.7 damage against Lunar Aligned creatures. The maximum damage reached is 88.8, or 97.7 against Lunar Aligned creatures.

The Shadow Reaper deals 44.8 damage to a non-Lunar creature with Planar Entity Protection without the Void Cowl; with the Cowl equipped, it deals a minimum of 55.8 and a maximum of 75.8.

Against a Planar, Lunar Aligned creature, the Shadow Reaper deals 48.6 damage without the Void Cowl; with the Cowl equipped, it deals a minimum of 60.7 and a maximum of 82.7.

The Shadow Reaper is a level 3 item for Maxwell's Shadow Puppets.

When the Shadow Reaper's durability reaches 0%, it does not disappear; instead, it is unequipped and can no longer be equipped until repaired. It can be fully repaired by one Void Repair Kit.

Gramophone.png Quotes

If Character has Shadow Affinity, they can hear the Shadow Reaper speaking to them:

Over time

  • "You want to cut and ssssslice, yes you do!"
  • "The ssssseeds were planted long ago, now reap the rewards."
  • "Your palms are sssssweating, mortal, you're losing your grip."
  • "You need a sssssharp wit for this job."
  • "What'sssss wrong, mortal? Not cut out for this?"
  • "You and I are going to do sssssuch great things together."
  • "I think I was a farmer once, before I ssssshed my skin."
  • "You can hear me, can't you, mortal? You're ssssstarting to understand."
  • "I can sssssee all the dark corners of your mind, mortal."
  • "I've been accused of having a rather sssssharp tongue."
  • "We make a good team, no matter how you ssssslice it."
  • "I hunger for the sssssilent screams of vegetation..."
  • "With my razor-sharp wit and your... mobility, we're unssssstoppable!"
  • "We're all jussssst tools for a greater purpose, aren't we?"
  • "Lay wassssste to the grass, then the bushes... after that, who knows?"

When harvesting:

  • "Devassssstation to vegetation!",
  • "Cut them down, cut them all down!",
  • "There is no essssscaping my blade!",
  • "Cut... slash... consume... yesssss...",
  • "The world is oursssss for the reaping.",
  • "Don't hold back...",
  • "Let's cut right to it, ssssshall we?",
  • "It's time for the harvessssst.",
  • "Everything will fall before usssss!",
  • "Let nothing be ssssspared!",
  • "Enjoying yourssssself, mortal?",

If Lucy is in the inventory

  • "You don't need that sssssecond-rate axe..."
  • "We could do ssssso much more without that old axe weighing you down..."
  • "Best to sssssever your connection with that old blade of yours."
  • "Who needsssss that old axe when you have me?"

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Shadow Reaper was added in the Terrors Below update.
  • The blade of the Shadow Reaper resembles the head of a Terrorbeak.
  • The quotes while held indicate the the Shadow Reaper used to be a farmer of some kind before turning into what they are now, potentially referring to the Ancients "shedding their skin" depicted in the Atrium's ancient murals.
  • The red cloth and shadowy form of this item and other Shadow-aligned items in the Terrors Below update resemble the Ancient Herald.

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