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We never knew clocks could be so dangerous.


When the fuel reaches 0, its damage drops to 27.

-Scrapbook Description

The Alarming Clock is a whip-like weapon exclusive to Wanda. It has increased range like the Tail o' Three Cats or Bull Kelp Stalk. While fueled, it has a base damage of 81.6 and counts as a Shadow Weapon, meaning middle-aged Wanda will do 97.92 damage and old Wanda will do 142.8 damage per hit. It does not break upon reaching 0% durability, instead becoming a non-shadow weapon with a base damage of 27.2 (meaning old Wanda does 13.6 damage per swing) until refueled. It has 96 uses, and can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel to restore 25% of its durability (24 uses).

The Alarming Clock's attack speed is 15% slower than melee weapons, but has 2% more damage per second than the Dark Sword when used by Wanda. However, elderly Wanda's max damage per second is 11% less than mighty Wolfgang with a dark sword, although this is somewhat offset by the Alarming Clock's longer reach.

It requires 3 Time Pieces, 4 Marble and 8 Nightmare Fuel to craft.

Prototype.png Tips

  • When positioned correctly, the Alarming Clock's longer range can effectively keep Wanda out of attacking range of many bosses.
    • Celestial Champion's third phase's melee attack has a trigger range slightly longer than the Alarming Clock's max range, meaning that when aligned correctly you can practically stunlock the boss.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • When Wanda is in the different age phases, the Alarming Clock will have corresponding attacking animations. The Alarming Clock also has a shadow particles special effect while it has fuel.
  • If Wanda holds a fueled Alarming Clock while in the Lunar Grotto, Greater Gestalts will become hostile to her.
  • Like all of her watches, only Wanda can use the Alarming Clock.
  • Walter's examination quote for the Alarming Clock references his "hook-hand man" campfire story, in which the aforementioned hook-hand man lives in the woods, and "has a clock for every one of his victims".
    • Walter was the last character added before Wanda, so whether this was intentional foreshadowing to her addition or a complete coincidence is unclear.

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