Skeeter Bomb

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Packed so tight with wriggling friends that the explosive release of bugs inflicts damage to targets nearby.

-Scrapbook Description

Skeeter Bomb is a character-specific Item craftable only by Wurt with the "Itchcraft I" skill. Skeeter Bombs can be thrown, similar to Water Balloons, to deal 20 damage and spawn 4 Mosquitos. Mosquitos spawned from Skeeter Bombs are passive to players and passive to player mobs. They will attack mobs that are hostile or neutral to the player who threw the Skeeter Bomb. The Mosquitos will also follow the player who threw the bomb.

Itchcraft II.png Itchcraft II

Skeeter Bombs thrown by Wurts with the "Itchcraft II" skill will spawn 5 Mosquitos instead of 4.

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