Bull Kelp Stalk

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It would be happier if we planted it.


The Bull Kelp Stalk is obtained by picking a beached Bull Kelp plant. It can both be planted in the Ocean to create a new Bull Kelp plant and be deployed as a Weapon. It is used as a whip and has the same damage value and extended melee range as the Tail o' Three Cats.

As the Bull Kelp Stalk not only has a limited durability, but also perishes slowly over time and can be stacked in the Inventory. Bull Kelp Stalks can also be used as a mediocre Fuel material for Fire.

Each attack reduce the freshness by a random amount between 2 to 4%. When Bull Kelp Stalk freshness is below 50% each attack has 10% chance to destroy Bull Kelp Stalk.

New Bull Kelp Stalk has a rare chance to be found in Ocean Debris.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • When the Bull Kelp Stalk was implemented, it initially used an inventory icon that was a recolored version of the Tail o' Three Cats'.

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