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It's perfect for short trips, no muss or fuss.


Teleports Wanda to the location marked on the ground.

The younger wanda is, the further back in time the marked location will be. Wanda is invulnerable for a short time during the teleport.

2 second cooldown.

-Scrapbook Description

The Backstep Watch will give Wanda the ability to teleport a short distance. When it is in the inventory, players can see some indicator that constantly shows the location they just walked by. Activating the watch will teleport players to the location of indicator. Its cooldown is 2 seconds.

Wanda will return backwards different distances depending on the age she is at. Young Wanda will teleport 16 units, Middle-Aged Wanda will teleport 8 units, and Old Wanda will teleport only 4 units.

Upon use, the Backstep Watch gives a generous amount of invulnerability upon use making it an amazing combat tool to dodge the enemy's attacks, the invulnerability will not start immediately and as such should be used around half a second before being hit

The Backstep Watch will only store a limited number of steps before being unusable. This backstep 'storage' is also influenced by age. Young Wanda will store 8 backsteps, Middle-Aged Wanda will store 16 backsteps, and Old Wanda will store 32 backsteps. Once the maximum number of backsteps has been reached, Wanda will state "That's enough backtrecking for now." Backstep storage is set to 0 upon transporting shards.

It requires 1 Time Pieces and 2 Gold Nugget to craft.

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  • Unlike the Backtrek watch, the Backstep Watch cannot transport you between shards (surface/caves).

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