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Do I really need to be reminded of the moon during the day?


The Moon Dial is a craftable structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign, found in the Shadow Magic Filter and Structures Filter. It can be used to see the Moon Cycle, which are reflected in the water inside the structure.

The closer the world is to a full moon, the higher the water level will be, with the Moon Dial overflowing during a full moon. It also provides light depending on the current moon phase, with the new moon causing the Moon Dial to emit no light, and the full moon causing it to emit the most light.

During nighttime, the player may inspect the dial for a different quote, depending on where the moon is in the cycle. A Moon Dial built in the Caves will not work, and character examination quotes will be different.

The Moon Dial can be useful when playing as Woodie, as it can be a more obvious indicator of when a Full Moon is about to occur.

When the Mysterious Energy is summoned, the Moon Dial will glass over. After the Celestial Champion is defeated, the Moon Dial will drop a Moon Shard.

Gramophone.png Quotes

From New Moon to Full Moon

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent
  • Waxing Half
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Full Moon

From Full Moon to New Moon

  • Full Moon
  • Waning Gibbous
  • Waning Half
  • Waning Crescent
  • New Moon

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Moon Dial was introduced in the Arts and Crafts update.
  • Curiously, Wolfgang's quote says he cannot see his own reflection in the pool, while Wortox says he can his reflection.

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