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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Wow. Our own home!


The Slanty Shanty is a building exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is an abandoned housing structure which spawns in Swinesbury City, and can be unlocked and bought as one's home by purchasing the Deed of home ownership at Swinesbury City Hall for 50 Oincs.

Once unlocked, the building will become the player's house, a place where one can set up a base, and a permanent protection from Charlie's attacks, due to the presence of a light source. It also protects the player from the elements, as rain or fog, and from attacks of every sort (excluding Shadow Creatures and Krampus). It doesn't protect the player from starvation though, so exploration is still needed.

The Slanty Shanty can also be crafted in the City Planning Tab when the player is holding the Key to the City. It can be crafted for 4 Boards, 3 Cut Stone, and 30 Oincs, making it cheaper than buying the Deed of home ownership when built in either a Hamlet or even a vanilla Don't Starve or Reign Of Giants world. It will be unlocked immediately after placing.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior

Upon unlocking and entering the Shanty, the player is greeted with two Charcoal scattered on the floor.

The default interior consists of Wood Paneling and Flooring, a Cinderblock Bookshelf, a Tasteful Fish Mounting and a Rope Light. The interior and exterior can be renovated and replaced with the Renovate Tab.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The Slanty Shanty makes for a good base, given that most utility structures can be placed inside and it can be expanded infinitely using House Expansion Permits and Doors, as well as having protection from most outside elements.
  • If the house catches on fire or is destroyed, nearby Pig Workers or even the player can rebuild it with a Hammer. The player's items inside will not be lost. The only way to destroy the house is by using the Executive Hammer or a Deconstruction Staff.
  • There is a major sanity aura when inside the house. It may be stacked with the sanity aura of a recruited Royal Guard.
  • Even if the House protects the player from most environmental hazards, it does not protect them from Hay Fever, Freezing and Overheating.
  • Even if the player hasn't yet bought a Deed of home ownership yet, it is best to prepare for once the player does buy it by planting farms, a Crock Pot, Evergreen and Birchnut trees, and Berry Bushes for income from Ushers.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Entering another room while an item is on fire will not spawn Ash.
  • Entering another room while a Chest catches on fire will delete all items in the Chest, including ones that are unrenewable.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Slanty Shanty can also be crafted using 3 Tenpiece Oincs or 1 Centapiece Oinc. If using Centapiece Oinc, one will be returned 7 Tenpiece Oincs.

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