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It appears to rewind time on an object.


The Deconstruction Staff is a craftable Item found in the Ancient Tab. It requires at least a Broken Pseudoscience Station to craft, and costs 4 Nightmare Fuel, 2 Living Logs, and 2 Green Gems to craft. It also can randomly drop from an Ancient Pseudoscience Station when the latter is damaged with a Hammer, Gunpowder etc. Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Deconstruction Staves cannot be prototyped and can only be crafted within range of an Ancient Pseudoscience Station.

When used on a craftable Structure, the Deconstruction Staff returns 100% of the ingredients needed to craft it. However, when used on an Item, the Staff will return a percentage of the materials equal to the remaining durability, rounded up. If Gems were used in the crafting process, they will not be returned and will always "shatter" instead. With each use of the Staff, Characters will lose 20 Sanity Meter.png and the Staff will lose 20% of its Durability.

Using it on a Pig House, Rabbit Hutch, Bird Cage, or Bird Trap will get rid of any inhabitants still inside it. When used on a Meat Effigy, it will not restore the 30 Health Meter.png (40 Health Meter.png in Don't Starve Together) until the user dies or saves and quits.

Since Green Gems are not renewable in the base game, only a limited number of Deconstruction Staffs can be crafted. In Don't Starve Together, Green Gems are renewable through various means, making the Deconstruction Staff a renewable item.

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, players have a small (0.02%) chance of finding Green Gems inside Tumbleweeds, thus making Deconstruction Staves renewable.

In the Hamlet DLC, the Deconstruction Staff is one of the two items that can permanently destroy Town HousesPig ShopsWatch TowersLawn Decorations, Intricate Topiaries and Hedges that cannot be destroyed with a Hammer. The other is the Executive Hammer.

Deconstructing Craftables

Craftables Created with a Construction Amulet

Any craftable object can be deconstructed, but most are not worth the cost (thulecite is rare, green gems are rarer). The following table lists some commonly deconstructed items. It assumes the item was crafted with a Construction Amulet and shows net cost of the construction and deconstruction and net gain. Items produced without a construction amulet are covered in separate tables below.

Item Construction Cost using Construction Amulet.png Deconstruction Yield Net Cost Net Gain
Thulecite Suit Green Gem.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×3.4 Nightmare Fuel.png×2.6 Thulecite.png×6 Nightmare Fuel.png×4 Green Gem.png×0.44 Living Log.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×2.52 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.88
Thulecite Club Green Gem.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×2.4 Living Log.png×2 Nightmare Fuel.png×2.6 Thulecite.png×4 Living Log.png×3 Nightmare Fuel.png×4 Green Gem.png×0.44 Thulecite.png×1.52 Living Log.png×0.8 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.88
Glossamer Saddle Green Gem.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×0.4 Living Log.png×1 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.6 Silk.png×2 Butterfly Wings.png×34 Living Log.png×2 Silk.png×4 Butterfly Wings.png×68 Green Gem.png×0.44 Thulecite.png×0.48 Nightmare Fuel.png×1.12 Living Log.png×0.8 Silk.png×2 + Butterfly Wings.png×34
War Saddle Steel Wool.png×2 Green Gem.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×0.4 Rabbit.png×2 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.6 Log.png×5 Steel Wool.png×4 Rabbit.png×4 Log.png×10 Green Gem.png×0.44 Thulecite.png×0.48 Living Log.png×0.2 Nightmare Fuel.png×1.12 Steel Wool.png×2 Rabbit.png×2 Log.png×5
Telelocator Focus Green Gem.png×0.2 Thulecite.png×0.4 Living Log.png×2.2 Nightmare Fuel.png×2.6 Gold Nugget.png×4 Living Log.png×4 Nightmare Fuel.png×4 Gold Nugget.png×8 Green Gem.png×0.44 Thulecite.png×0.48 Living Log.png×1.6 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.88 Gold Nugget.png×4


Assuming the construction amulet was used to craft the staff, the effective cost of the staff is Green Gem.png×1.2 Thulecite.png×0.4 Living Log.png×1 Nightmare Fuel.png×2.6. The staff can be used 5 times, so dividing the cost by 5 yields the cost per use: Green Gem.png×0.24 Thulecite.png×0.08 Living Log.png×0.2 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.52

The best candidates for construction/deconstruction are items that use (even) multiples of a rare ingredient and no gems (except the Iridescent Gem - all other gems are destroyed during deconstruction).

Items Made From Living Mobs

When deconstructing items produced with living mobs, you may wish to be prepared to catch those animals again once they are freed. This is particularly problematic with mobs like multiple bees or rabbits that require tools and hunting/trapping to catch.

Craftables Created without a Construction Amulet

Hammering Thulecite Walls is the best way to convert Thulecite to fragments. Thulecite Wall deconstruction is a waste compared with deconstructing Thulecite Suits.

Scaled Flooring is worth deconstructing even when produced without the construction amulet (scales are probably rarer than green gems).

Item Construction Cost Deconstruction Yield Net Cost Net Gain
Scaled Flooring Scales.png×0.25 Cut Stone.png×0.25 Scales.png×1 Cut Stone.png×1 Green Gem.png×0.24 Thulecite.png×0.08 Living Log.png×0.2 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.52 Scales.png×0.75 Cut Stone.png×0.75
Thulecite Wall Thulecite.png×0.167 Thulecite.png×1 Green Gem.png×0.24 Living Log.png×0.2 Nightmare Fuel.png×0.52 Thulecite.png×0.753

Other Turfs (whether crafted or dug up) might be deconstructed to yield interesting ingredients.

Deconstruction to renew durability

When using deconstruction to renew durability, the profit is the extended use of the item and/or components, not (only) a resource that can be used to create other items. A player could deconstruct a heavily used Pick/Axe, to yield a brand new Opulent Pickaxe, Luxury Axe, and 1 thulecite, which can then be used down to 3% durability before constructing a new Pick/Axe with them.

Similarly, if you're going to want more Scalemail, deconstructing it directly is more efficient than the 0.75 scales created when deconstructing Scaled Floring, but deconstructing flooring produces multiplies scales that can then be used for any purpose.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Since Green Gems are so rare, the best use for Deconstruction Staffs is on Items or Structures that require very rare or non-renewable materials (e.g. items from the Ancient or Magic Tab).
  • Some items that are created using a single non-renewable ingredient (e.g. Pan Flute) can be deconstructed and crafted again to extend their usage, since the Staff will always return at least one of the non-gem materials used.
  • The Deconstruction Staff cannot be used on Walls or a Houndius Shootius that have been placed.
  • In the Reign of Giants DLC, using the Deconstruction Staff on burnt Structures will still return 100% of their materials.
  • Using the Deconstruction Staff on a single item from a recipe that gives multiple copies of said item (e.g. Turfs or Walls) will return the main item + part of the recipe. For example, deconstructing 1 Scaled Flooring will return 1 Scales and 1 Cut Stone.

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