Ancient Pseudoscience Station

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An Ancient Pseudoscience Station is a Crafting Structure found only in the Ruins. It gives access to the Ancient Crafting Tab and emits enough light to protect from Charlie when nearby.

When struck with a Hammer, in either the full or broken state, lightning will strike the player and the station will either drop loot or spawn enemies (see the table below). Upon destruction it also drops 2 Thulecite, 1 Nightmare Fuel with a 50% chance, 1 Frazzled Wires with a 50% chance, and 1 Rocks with a 50% chance.

A fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station will be completely destroyed after 10 hits from a Hammer, causing 11 lightning strikes (2 strikes following the 10th hammer hit) and drops.

Many broken stations are found naturally in the Ruins with only 1 hit left and have half the available recipes (7 instead of 14), but will still emit light. Thulecite can be used to repair a broken station, using 32-34 Thulecite Fragments (or for simplicity 6 Thulecite) to obtain a fully repaired Station. The last stage of repair causes a lightning strike. To obtain never ending loot drops and lightning strikes a player could hit the station with a hammer and then repair it with 3-4 Thulecite Fragments per hammer strike. However, this will generate many more monsters than valuable loot, so be prepared to fight.

This, along with every other Structure in the Ruins, can be renewed by regenerating the Caves with the Seed of Ruin.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, killing the Ancient Fuelweaver will cause all the Broken and Repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Stations to respawn. Damaging stations with a hammer will also not cause lightning strikes.

Walter can make Cursed Rounds from his Slingshot Ammo Tab when next to any Ancient Pseudoscience Station.

Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png Crafting Recipes

A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station offers 7 Ancient Crafting recipes (half that of a fully repaired station): 9 Ancient Crafting recipes in Don't Starve Together.

A fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station offers 14 Ancient Crafting recipes (including the 7 listed above): 16 Ancient Crafting recipes in Don't Starve Together.

Hammer.png Item Drops

Possible result after a hammer strike:

Chance (Each) Result
12.3% Crawling Horror.png Terrorbeak.png
11.2% Gears.png, Trinkets.png×4, Splumonkey.png×2-4, Batilisk.png×5, Cave Spider.png×2, Spitter.png×2
1.1% Dwarf Star Old.png
+25 Health Meter.png / -10 Health Meter.png (Don't Starve icon.png)
0.56% Red Gem.pngBlue Gem.pngOrange Gem.pngGreen Gem.pngPurple Gem.png
0.11% Meat Effigy.pngIce Staff.pngFire Staff.pngTelelocator Staff.pngThe Lazy Explorer.pngDeconstruction Staff.pngStar Caller's Staff.pngLife Giving Amulet.pngChilled Amulet.pngNightmare Amulet.pngThe Lazy Forager.pngConstruction Amulet.pngMagiluminescence.pngThulecite.png
0.056% Marble Suit.pngNight Armor.pngSnurtle Shell Armor.png

Prototype.png Tips

  • Lightning Rods placed nearby will divert any lightning strikes.
  • A WX-78 player traveling to the ruins can benefit from hitting an Ancient Pseudoscience Station, as the lightning strikes will give them a System Overload.
  • It's possible to keep destroying/repairing a station for the purpose of farming items, but enemies have a much higher chance to spawn than any of the loot.
  • A naturally occurring fully operational Ancient Pseudoscience Station will typically have more Ancient Clockwork enemies guarding it, along with two Nightmare Lights beside it.

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